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The Tinnitus I Experienced After My First Dose Of Coronavirus Vaccine Disappeared After I Put Rosewater In My Ears

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This was a hard post to write.  I dislike it intensely when people needlessly include details when ostensibly they were telling me something useful, but am aware that a certain amount of background information is necessary for you, my Gentle Reader, to verify, vet, corroborate, google, and otherwise satisfy yourself that I may in fact be trusted.  Anyone who has questions may contact me, in the comments, on Twitter (@femalefaust) or by email (above).


I am not a Doctor of Medicine, nor am I certified in the field in any way.  I have studied herbs and therapies all my life, but please, do your own research, reach your own conclusions.

So… I got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine recently. YAY! 

I feel especially blessed by the fact that I knew how to provide real relief for one of the more scary side effects I experienced.  Since it is not a commonly known remedy I felt called upon to write up my experience and share it.  It may help you.  It may not.  See disclaimer.

The side effects began immediately after the jab.  Some affected me intermittently for two and a half days. They ranged from mild through moderate to actually rather frightening, especially when I attempted to google them while they were ramping up — not for the faint of heart or stomach. 

(A list of the side effects I personally experienced is appended to this post, if anyone is interested).   

Southern Italian cicada
(Wikimedia commons)

The remedy below addressed two of my symptoms: the really loud ringing tone heard intermittently, and the tinnitus effect that was pretty continuous and very loud, like the sound of cicadas in the summer. 

The ringing had a rapid strong fade-in onset, got really loud, and then died off in about 30 seconds, twice at approximately 4 hours after my dose.  Then my Honey asked me if I was hearing the "cicadas," too, and I said, "you mean that noise is not really out there?!"  Straight out of a creepy movie.

Some background info is in order. Years ago, I was suffering from the worst ear "infection" of my life. (I say "infection" in quotes because it was not infected at all, the eustachian tube, already nearly useless due to a congenital deformity, had become completely blocked.) My ear was hurting so much I could still feel it on 4 vicodin, and it seemed no doctor knew what they were looking at or how to deal with it. After meeting me, the person who was in the process of sweeping me off of my feet became interested in non-traditional therapies; when I became sick and traditional medicine could offer nothing, his research yielded a potent remedy, which has kept my ears healthy ever since:


You drip about a half a rose-water-bottle-capful of rose water into your ear .  (It is very cold, and the cold may hurt at first: you can put it in a shot glass and warm it up a little with 10 seconds in the microwave.)  Tilt your head and pour.  It will not stain your clothes.  It warms up fast.  You are going to lose your equilibrium so be sitting down.  Make sure you cap the bottle right away or you may spill it, you become so disoriented.

Now, I keep my head tilted so that the opening of my ear is pointed up and back slightly; if my eyes were open and I were staring straight ahead they would be pointing straight up at the ceiling. Tilt your head however seems to get it in the deepest.  

Relax as much as you can if you try this— I like to rest my head on the arm of the sofa or on a couple of pillows. After a minute, if your experience is anything like mine, it should start to feel really good. Especially if it was painful, or tight, or stopped up.  

Stay like that for about two to five minutes and then let the rose water drain out. Do both ears again, and then wait about an hour. 

Do it again if you need to;  you might not.  

I had some experience with rose water being excellent in treating conditions of the ear which are caused by a backup of toxins due to the eustachian tubes not draining.  It helped when I massaged my neck following along the path of the eustachian tube:

I pulled my earlobe away from my ear with one hand while I put the first two fingers of my other hand underneath and behind my ear and followed the groove of my neck downward. I massaged down my neck slowly over and over again, stretching my neck out as far as it would go. 

Here's a pretty good demonstration, of almost the same technique, Eustachian Ear Massage  from  Carrie Crimin  via Vimeo.:

I also twisted my head to stretch my neck and my eustachian tube on that side.  I think of it as trying to touch one side of my chin to the opposite shoulder, and then after I have stretched it as far as it will go, I use the hand from the side to which I am not looking to gently stretch it even more. See illustration, click to animate.

This massage triggered a sizeable release with me.

For me, the whole treatment (I did it three times) relaxed the entire length of my ear canal, allowing my eustachian tubes to more readily drain down into my throat.  That feels, by the way, like a slightly scratchy throat, for a just a moment.  You might miss it if you didn't know what to look for. If that happens, congratulations! 

After two applications, I felt that telltale slightly scratchy throat, and the so-called "cicadas" got very very quiet.  I could hardly hear them. I did not experience the ringing in my ears again. 

What's more, my ear felt not just a little better, but a whole lot better.  The ringing never recurred, & the "cicadas" faded to inaudible that day.

Hope this helps someone.


The following is a complete list of side effects I experienced from my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine developed and manufactured by Moderna:

  •   bad taste in mouth
    • immediate onset
    • metallic
    • intermittent over first day
  • sharp headache
    • immediate onset
    • intermittent
    • relieved by caffeine
  • tingling in my toes
    • immediate onset
    • intermittent
    • lasted only a few minutes
  • soreness of that arm
    • immediate onset
    • gradually worsened in first twenty-four hrs
    • at worst so bad could barely move arm
    • lasted approximately two and a half days
    • gradually disappeared
  • fatigue
    • immediate onset
      • mild compared to the next day
    • after twenty-four hours pretty extreme
    • gradually disappeared in first two to three days
  • weird dizziness 
    • sudden onset within first half hour
    • not as strong in first twenty-four hours
    • intermittent sudden spells
    • sudden alarmingly complete lack of equilibrium
  • painful bruised achilles heels
  • a trembling or shaking 
    • felt like someone had turned on a powerful fan or vibrator
    • felt like the machine had been set on the floor near me
    • my feet were actually vibrating 
      • strongly enough that someone other than me could easily feel it
  • tinnitus 
    • like the sound of cicadas in the summer
      • continuous
      • tone and volume did not vary over time
      • see audio sample above
    • ringing or tone
      • intermittent
      • tone and volume varied over time
        • faded in quickly
        • got really loud
        • faded out slowly
  • (Thank you to the excellent comments that brought need for revision to my attention.)

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Be healthy.  

Be seeing you. 

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