About That Slag Melting Through The Rubble At Fukushima




The video below was flagged by Youtube as having content id that matched content owned by the Asahi Corporation.  It is blocked worldwide and my account restricted until and unless I delete it.


Just a little something that has been bothering me. Here is a copy of the video, posted May 23, in which at around the 30 second mark one can see the slag (h/t Mike Rivero):


Here you can download the video.  And here is a zipped archive of all the stills that contain the slag.

Here is a slowed down version just of the slag:

The video detail above links to youtube where is posted an exhaustive summary of the repost history of the original drone flyby video.  Also The Guardian mentions that the fuel was suspected to have breached containment and be lying pooled on the concrete floor in number two, outside of which the video detail above appears to show it seeping to the outside along some sort of pipe.  I do not think anyone else has recognized this as a pipe.

Here are a few of the stills that I have chosen to enlarge, for my own, uh, amusement:


Now, that is clearly a pipe that the slag is dripping out of, wouldn't you say?  And if you watch the video  in slow motion, or often enough, it would appear to be at the base of reactor Number Two. 

Here is a hi-res photo to get your bearings:

This photo is very large; right-click to view in separate tab.  From Cryptome, the first of the Fukushima eyeball series: to which as I understand the webmaster would rather I not link.  The full eyeball series may be downloaded series at Cryptome.org.

The shortened link is http://tinyurl.com/itgotout

Tell everyone : IT GOT OUT. 

Be seeing you.


meggafish said...

Would liquid nitrogen be useful as a coolant?

Coming Crisis said...

Hi, I have just removed your comment from our Blog, we do not allow advertising or self advertising but you are welcome to contact us if you feel you have a story or article that is in-fitting with our site. We look and read everything that is sent in so it will receive our fullest attention.

Thank you

a female Faust said...
Gentle Reader: Unfortunately, the comment that was here appeared to be spam and/or otherwise offensive, and was deleted, neutralized and/or redacted. What remains has been reposted, below, for your perusal. Thank you for your understanding. The author of the comment is welcome to email me if he disagrees. Please be civil: I myself am, and mean no offense.

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