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quick note on weirdness about Christopher Stanton Georgia, with links

(i made this post for my reply to a Data Lounge post about the Capitol Riot man who killed himself after being arrested).

a few news outlets reported that Georgia was responsible for stealing Pelosi's laptop/hard drive, & for "photographing her desk."  they all seem to be foreign in origin (one german --translated to english; in original german, one russian & one ukrainian). 

he was arrested for curfew violation (here's the list of ppl with whom arrested). 

he died in his home on Saturday, the same day that the CP officer shot himself.

at least one retracted that story  -- i linked to the google cache.

it was soon replaced by the outlandish tale of the 22 year old Riley June Williams who stole the laptop (or "helped to steal it" e.g, here, & here) & fled to sell to the Russians.  Fox claims there is video of the theft.

except it seems she doesn't have it after all; she was "chided" & released into her mother's custody; but after that she was put on more restrictive house arrest: she was ordered to get a flip phone & "stay off internet."  


o and get this: all this is if in fact the laptop was stolen.  if it was,  well, it didn't have anything important on it.  just some stuff for presentations....

....and it may have been one of two laptops taken ...


that last source traces the disinfo, says Georgia was not the thief, but gives no evidence or reason to back that up. also says Pelosi laptop taken Special Forces --- probably not true.

i don't know what to make of this, but figured i owed it to my Gentle Readers & to the Data Lounge to post whatever i came across from elsewhere, so there ya go.  

NOTE:  i link to archives of links.  the original link will be in the header of the archive, & can then be visited, if extant.  also, h/t to this NC hunting and fishing forum.

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