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"47 hours" Recent Fukushima SPF4 Scare Shows How Close We Are To A Nightmare Scenario

They have restored cooling; 
it will be fully restored by tomorrow. 

Apparently they built the provisional bypass of the control signal system to restart to coolant system. It won’t be fully recovered until tomorrow.

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Is it just me, or isn't it ....wrong for there to be so little redundancy, so un-robust-ly engineered a fail-safe, between the northern hemisphere and the nuclear nightmare of the release into the atmosphere of the contents of SPF4?

While I am at it, is it just me, or didn't SPF4 burn repeatedly last year?  How is it that there is any expectation that there are fuel rods intact?  Do we have proof?  If not, could it be that this nightmare is already a reality?  If this is the case, to what degree?  I would add, "why haven't they told us," but I am not stupid.

47 hours left (original post)

 "47 hours" from this morning, Japan time, until Spent Fuel Pool Number Four, now without cooling of any kind, reaches an unsafe temperature.  Not long thereafter, if still uncooled, it catches fire.

Tokyo newspaper reported, the back-up coolant unit doesn’t work, water temperature increases at 0.26/h. It was 35.8 at 16:00 of 6/30/2012. [Link]

Jiji reported both of the pumps stopped, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has gone out of order. The water temperature was 36.6 at 18:00 of 6/30/2012. [Link]
Though these 2 newspapers slightly contradict each other, based on what Tokyo newspaper reported, the water temperature increases at 0.5/h, it reaches 65 at 2:00 of 7/3/2012, and goes over 100 at 24:00 of 7/5/2012 roughly estimated. (JST)
However, it excludes the facts that the coolant water decreases as it evaporates and atmospheric temperature rises in day time, it may be faster.

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It should be noted, however, that this is merely an echo of the official story, by a company known to lie.  As mentioned in the comments of the above,

0a123cd0fb313519bc06d555c5636d6e.png Intel Agent says:
It started on fire march 14 or 15 2011, so that should tell you that “it reaches 65 at 2:00 of 7/3/2012, and goes over 100 at 24:00 of 7/5/2012 roughly estimated.” Is total bs.

I myself can corroborate this: the outspoken, yet polite unnamed housewife who gave the nuclear experts a piece of her mind  mentioned that the plant had been on fire for days, and indeed it has. The Tepco webcam footage has been entrail-chilling.

Be seeing you.

And, 'no nukes.'

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