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The Nuclear Powers-That-Be
Wanted A Woman's Perspective.
They Got It.

Fukushima Generatrix -- ex faustae 2012

The JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), in a gesture aimed at patching their relationship to an angry public, attempt to show they understand a woman's perspective.

JAEA's Tokai Research and Development Center Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering department has created the page below, [now 'under construction' ie., pulled - iframed below is the Web Archiver version ] to communicate things nuclear more effectively to general public who are not familiar with special terminology and numbers. The target is women, who they say have less understanding of technical aspect of nuclear energy than men. Therefore, the key to better communication is to how to adopt women's point of view, they say.

So what have they come up with? Using a quarrel between husband and wife to illustrate what radiation, radioactivity, radioactive material mean. 

If we compare radiation and radioactivity to a quarrel between husband and wife...

Angry voice of the wife is "radiation",

The excited state in which the wife is in and which causes her to shout angrily is "radioactivity",

The angry wife shouting to the husband is "radioactive material" itself.  

In their failure, one thing is certainly clear. They have no idea.

Even the so-called "pro-nuke" people are appalled at this clumsy "risk communication" by JAEA. "What is this? JAEA, what's the matter with you?" was the tweet from a female theoretical physicist.

Here is a woman who can teach them.  Here is a little wisp of a woman, from Fukushima Prefecture, who had a word or two recently for the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.  She has something to teach the entire godforsaken Nuclear Industry. She has a lesson for us all.

video info
(mirrored from video published on Jun 3, 2012 by tokyobrowntabby2)

On January 18, 2012, Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) held a hearing to discuss with a committee of experts the results of the "stress test" for judging whether to restart Kansai Electric's Ooi Nuclear Power Plant. The hearing was supposed to be open to public, but at the last minute NISA decided to hold the meeting in a separate room without the audience. The angry audience, who were locked out in a room with a TV monitor, eventually rushed into the meeting room and made a protest.

In the middle of the confusion, an unidentified woman from Fukushima came out of the audience. This video clip shows part of the protest from the audience and the woman's poignant words.

Before this hearing, three of the committee members were found to have received donations from a nuclear-related company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. One of them is Dr. Koji Okamoto, Professor of the University of Tokyo and Moderator of this meeting, to whom the woman from Fukushima addressed her last question.

The original, longer version ( was created by OurPlanet-TV, an independent net-based media.

関連情報 (related information, in Japanese only)

Translation and captioning by tokyobrowntabby.
Video editing by sievert311 (

...Let's hope they were listening.

Be seeing you.

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