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(in case you missed it) FUKUSHIMA MOLTEN FUEL VISIBLE FROM FLYOVER (video pulled from youtube)

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Just a little something that has been bothering me. Here is a copy of the video, posted May 23, in which at around the 30 second mark one can see the slag (h/t Mike Rivero at


Here you can download the video.  And here is a zipped archive of all the stills that contain the slag.

Here is a slowed down version just of the slag:

The video detail above links to youtube where is posted an exhaustive summary of the repost history of the original drone flyby video.  Also The Guardian mentions that the fuel was suspected to have breached containment and be lying pooled on the concrete floor in number two, outside of which the video detail above appears to show it seeping to the outside along some sort of pipe.  I do not think anyone else has recognized this as a pipe.

Here are a few of the stills that I have chosen to enlarge, for my own, uh, amusement:


Now, that is clearly a pipe that the slag is dripping out of, wouldn't you say?  And if you watch the video  in slow motion, or often enough, it would appear to be at the base of reactor Number Two. 

Here is a hi-res photo, from the excellent collection at Cryptome, to get your bearings:

This photo is very large; right-click to view in separate tab.  From Cryptome, the first of the Fukushima eyeball series: to which as I understand the webmaster would rather I not link.  The full eyeball series may be downloaded series at

The shortened link is

Tell everyone : 


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The video was flagged by Youtube as having content id that matched content owned by the Asahi Corporation.  It is blocked worldwide and my account restricted until and unless I delete it.


(for all who want to repost this, you want to mention me -- just sayin'.)

EnergyNews did a piece about one Scott Portzline whom I believe may not be exactly forthcoming concerning how he came across this clip. If, in March 2011, he saw the clip and 'something told him to watch that part again' (or however he mealy-mouthedly put it), at which time lo! he saw the corium! he had to slow it down! he had to tell his pal (to whose attention, by email, I had by this time brought the very same footage) Arnie Gundersen! -- if all this is as it happened, why wait to speak of it?  I had before a few months ago seen nor hide nor hair of this Portzline online.  I had, however, seen the photo he published: I believe it to be the very same graphic first published on my blog,  enhanced and enlarged by Mirage of Miragination, A comprehensive publishing history from my comment response:

  • by a female faust, July 7, 2012 at 12:39 pm 
  • the fuel is VISIBLE OUTSIDE THE BUILDING in an aerial survey: (shot around 3/24/11:). I slowed it down and enlarged the stills, it is clearly oozing out of some sort of pipe. all this is available at the above link for download or view.
  • (…to which copyright, perhaps not so coincidentally, Asahi laid claim recently. … this resulting in my taking down the copy i had uploaded to Youtube. this was around the same time that TokyoBrownTabby's channel got nixed, and i found out MsMiklkyttheclown at youtube and arevamirpal::laprimavera of ex-skf were at around the same time having their energies similarly wasted. Now, emboldened by ex-skf's recent victory (, i think i will repost….)
  • by a female faust, July 7, 2012 at 12:39 pm 
  • …..when Time magazine came out with that garbage about Fukushima not being a China Syndrome — and they were not being precise in their use of the terminology like Gundersen is attempting to be when he launches his inquiry — i was so mad i spent a Sunday tweeting and emailing this video clip to every single reporter who had echoed the talking point.
  • Lochbaum said it was more apt to be called an "America Syndrome," and with tthat i agree….

and here is a more verbose account by yours truly, from the comment section over at EX-SKF:

1) "The temperature of that fuel pool is unknown due to a failure of the instrumentation." again. i keep seeing this pop up. they keep installing new instruments. why do the new ones not work? is it not an analog gauge?

2) in Your Opinion, Sir,
a) is this hot spot at the base of the stack?
b) or could it be, say, a little farther seaward?

actually, 2(b) is the question i was most burning (*ahem*) to ask you.
@female Faust, whose flyover video is that? Air Photo Service? or someone else? The hot spot is supposed to be at the base of the stack, but some experts think it's not from the stack.


the original video was up;oaded by responsejp on Mar 17, 2011 titled "東日本大地震】東電社員が撮影した福島原発 その2"
with the caption "
ヘリコプターで上空より撮影した福島第一原子力発電所(福島県大熊町)3号機と4号機の映像の一部が17日夜、東京電力によって公開された。同社社員が現地確認のため、1616時頃に撮影したもの。公開された映像は3種類あり、映像には、水素爆発を起こして水蒸気をあげる3号機建屋や、天井と側壁が爆発で吹 き飛んだ4号機建屋の姿が映っている"

(this google translates as "2 Fukushima nuclear power plant employees have taken a major earthquake - Eastern Electric Power "
with the caption "Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station was taken by helicopter from the sky (Okuma-machi, Fukushima Prefecture), the night part of the image 17 of Unit 4 and Unit No. 3, published by Tokyo Electric Power Company. to confirm the company's local employees , was taken around 16:00 16. Image was published has three, to video, and building machines No. 3 up steam causing the hydrogen explosion, building machines, No. 4, flew came blowing in the blast walls and ceilings have seen the figure of."

---funny, i think from studying it that it is not 3 and 4 but is between 1 and 2. It is also interesting to note that a comment was left on my slowed down version of the video indicating that the commenter thought it was a roof and not ground level out of which this glowing material appears to be extruding --

@ a female Faust

maybe it's the hot SFP with melted fuel glowin'-through the "roof"?

mayybe..... i had thought all this time it was ground level -- hmm --

and another thing: in researching this i was reacquainted with certain headlines from April 9. You reported the incident as #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 1's Containment Vessel (Dry Well) Measured 100 Sievert, Later Back to 6.83 Sievert.

if 10 sieverts is off the scale, how could 100 be measured?

Also, EnergyNews reader & active commenter ForwardAssist, a.k.a. youtuber RobinHoodTheorem   has produced another slowed down version from what looks to be the same clip (same name on the mp4, same longer version).  Here it is for comparison (h/t ForwardAssist):


  1. FF, that building looks all blow R4, not reactor 2, which is not very blown up.

    Its 4 right?


  2. AFAIK it is the *top* of 2. am in process of making a neat lil' canvas whereat the curous may drag and reposition the stills, so you can see what i mean -- you can tell it isn't 4: they are numbered left to right (in english reading order) when facing the ocean, but the drone (let us hope it is a drone) circles and is facing land when the corium is spotted.... the drone has the ocean to its back, and is panning right to left; it flies quickly over 1, and the corium is either just before (that is, to the right of) 2, or on the roof. i thoughtt at first it was 'just to the right,' but was corrected; i suppose there is a lot of debris on that roof. (thought i saw a thermal shot that sorts more with it being just to the right of it, which would be on the side facing number 1. corium was in the same spot as it would be were the shot of it here not the roof but the facing-1-side. i only say the thermal shot once, i think it was black and white, have looked off and on since, but haven't been able to find it)

    in any event the video proceeds to the left, ocean behind, to survey 3,4, etc.

    will post link to the drag and drop page presently. hope that helps.