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Japan's Retaliation For Israeli Exploit of Secret US-Japan Deal Is Main Cause of Fukushima Crisis?!?! 

That was the old title.  How about:

Israeli Double Cross 
in Secret US-Japan Nuke Deal
(That Presupposed 
A New Japanese Defense Program) 
Set Stage for Fukushima Crisis?!?!

The following article blew my mind -- and I don't think it can be disregarded, I think it checks out, but that is merely an opinion.  Perhaps you can help me?  I would like to verify, corroborate, correct, or debunk every statement of the following intense little article to which WRH linked on Sunday October 2, 2011.  The article itself appears in Rense; the author, Yoichi Shimatsu, is no lightweight (more on that later). His article is excerpted below; be sure and visit the link to read the whole thing -- and if you have a moment, please leave a comment...  

Secret US-Israeli Nuke Transfers
Led To Fukushima Blasts
By Yoichi Shimatsu

...The explosions that rocked the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant were more powerful than the combustion of hydrogen gas, as claimed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The actual cause of the blasts, according to intelligence sources in Washington, was nuclear fission of. warhead cores illegally taken from America's sole nuclear-weapons assembly facility. Evaporation in the cooling pools used for spent fuel rods led to the detonation of stored weapons-grade plutonium and uranium.

The facts about clandestine American and Israeli support for Japan's nuclear armament are being suppressed in the biggest official cover-up in recent history. The timeline of events indicates the theft from America's strategic arsenal was authorized at the highest level under a three-way deal between the Bush-Cheney team, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Elhud Olmert's government in Tel Aviv.


An Israeli Double-Cross

The nuclear shipments to Japan required a third-party cutout for plausible deniability by the White House. Israel acted less like an agent and more like a broker in demanding additional payment from Tokyo, according to intelligence sources. Adding injury to insult, the Israelis skimmed off the newer warhead cores for their own arsenal and delivered older ones. Since deteriorated cores require enrichment, the Japanese were furious and demanded a refund, which the Israelis refused. Tokyo had no recourse since by late 2008 principals Abe had resigned the previous autumn and Bush was a lame duck.

The Japanese nuclear developers, under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, had no choice but to enrich the uranium cores at Fukushima No.1, a location remote enough to evade detection by nonproliferation inspectors. Hitachi and GE had developed a laser extraction process for plutonium, which requires vast amounts of electrical power. This meant one reactor had to make unscheduled runs, as was the case when the March earthquake struck..

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Yoichi Shimatsu is no lightweight: what I meant to say is that his work has been published by the Centre for Research On Globalization, where he wrote the following on March 13th, 2011 (when most of us had no idea how little we knew about the nuclear industry):

Hidden nuclear crisis

March 13, 2011 
by Yoichi Shimatsu

The recurrent tendency to deny systemic errors - "in order to avoid public panic" - is rooted in the determination of an entrenched bureaucracy to protect itself rather than in any stated purpose of serving the nation or its people. That's the unspoken rule of thumb in most governments, and the point is that Japan is no shining exception. 

So what today is being silenced on orders from the Tokyo government? The official mantra is that all five nuclear power plants in the northeast are  locked down, safe and not leaking. The cloaked reality is that at least one of those - Tepco's Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant - is under an emergency alert at a level indicative of a quake-caused internal rupture. The Fukushima powerhouse is one of the world's largest with six boiling-water reactors.

Over past decades, the Japanese public has been reassured by the Tokyo Electric Power Company that its nuclear reactors are prepared for any eventuality. Yet the mystery in Fukushima is not the first unreported problem with nuclear power, only the most recent. Back in 1996  amid a reactor accident in Ibaraki province, the government never admitted that radioactive fallout had drifted over the northeastern suburbs of Tokyo. Our reporters got confirmation from monitoring stations, but the press was under a blanket order not to run any alarming news, the facts be damned. For a nation that's lived under the atomic cloud of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, total denial becomes possible now only because the finger on the button is our own.

Emphasis mine.
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So he had a clue then, it would seem, about this: Japan did not have a finger on The Button, as far as I knew, back in March. 

Gentle reader, please help if you can.  I will be posting this request everywhere I can. This is too important to let pass with a "Hmm, interesting..." and then relegate to forgetfulness.  We need sources; I may have one or two -- you may as well.  This may have merely been an oversight, though it crossed my mind that if sources were not provided perhaps it is not in the Author's best interests to do so.  Perhaps I am wrong, and we will soon be provided with a full bibliography and footnotes.

But if not: I most definitely still need to see proof, don't you?  Footnotes.  Appendices.  Citations.  References.  Field notes.  Emails.  Phone numbers.  Photographs.  Proof.  PDFs.  Links. This need to be thoroughly checked.


More in the way of corroboration:


SECRET Nukes?  No, Not Israel - SECRET. Not Iran... JAPAN.
Be seeing you.


  1. femalefaust, There is one obvious error in this
    article. In paragraph five the author states that
    there is only one nuclear power in the Quad group. There are two; the second being India.

    Are you aware of the MIRACL laser that was used on the BP Deepwater Horizon? If not, here is my email address: I have clearer footage than what can be found online as I was sent the original. Along with pics of the heliport and a story of my own about
    creating an earthquake with these weapons.

    I'm not cpu literate enough to know how to post
    this on a site and my cpu is not fully functional. Send me an email if you haven't seen
    this and I'll forward what I have to you.

    Bruce Hayden

  2. Hey ho ;o)
    mr shill rense said that it was a natural earthquake when quite obviously it wasn't he's a shill...some of the info is good but it;s the 5% disinfo and thats the clincher....this does seem like one of those overcomplicated fairy stories....the fact is that real evil is f**kin hardcore and they want us all dead...also it;s a mega ritual and makes lots of money but thats not the half of it where summoning demons is concerened....did you see the demons in the smoke of 9:11....did you see them in the mushroom cloud of fukushima...they were there for sure....
    Have a great day ;o)

  3. If you saw demons in the cloud at 911, please urgently go see a shrink. You probably need medication.

    911 may or may not have been supported by the administration (certainly not hindered), but seeing demons? You need pills for that. Nothing else works.

    As for Fukushima, there's NO evidence of weapons, so we have to assume natural disaster. However controls were off months in advance, in order to save money! There are real criminal acts to investigate, not make-believe ones. And yes, the reactors are still melting. Japan may need to be evacuated while the government continue to coverup what's really happening.