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Biggest US Nuclear Disaster was NOT 3 Mile Island? Simi Valley Videos

comment by Auntie Nuke to a post over at Energy News, followed by the video upon which it remarks:

"There has never been an official epidemiological study of the effects of being downwind of the SSFL/Rocketdyne meltdown in 1959. However, a citizen-activist site on Facebook called “Secrets of the Santa Susana Field Lab” is asking for posts for their map. If you know anyone who lived in Simi Valley or the San Fernando Valley between July, 1959 and maybe 10 years after, and who have suffered a cluster of unprecedented (not genetically based) health problems, please visit that site and post."

The following video is copyright ABC7News.  It is their content, presented here for educational purposes only.  (Original URL )

My favorite is actually this Xtranormal text-to-movie by scriptcorp:

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