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Tripoli: Thierry Meyssan (safe): CIA/M16 'journos' at hotel

What the hell is going on in Libya?  

Thierry Meyssan, from his hotel, on RT:


Targeted Killings of non-mainstream reporters in Libya ordered: Attempts to bury truth
National Human Rights |

The Examiner learned in communications from human rights defenders and independent journalists throughout Monday that they were shaken with news of 1300 Libyans killed and 5000 wounded Saturday, plus, the U.S. allegedly ordered Targeted Killings of Voltaire Network reporters, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Thierry Meyssan, non-mainstream reporters in Libya covering the NATO war, while other independent reporters there are being fired upon and one, Mohammed Nabbous was killed Saturday according to ABC News.  In an interview with journalist Don DeBar on KPFA radio, he reported most mainstream "news" about Libya has been untrue, as alternative news sites heavily report but are increasingly persecuted according to their recent reports.

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The Examiner article is very interesting.... 

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  1. video is apparently private, not much use.

  2. All I get is a notice that the video contains content from Hawa Limited and is blocked on copyright grounds... Must have been good. So-called MSM has been reporting these reporters have been held at gunpoint.

  3. funny -- the video is neither private nor is it blocked for me.... i will see what i can do ....

  4. It is not private. I can see it in India. Your country might be blocking it!!