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FUKUSHIMA CRISIS: More Really Useful Links

These links were born of attempts to talk me down out of the freaking-out tree in regards to radiation exposure.  They worked at the time.  Recent findings of Cesium in organic milk threaten to send me back to them, and not skimming like I was the first time.  But before I master the information I thought I would make this list available - its too good.

But first, a window onto the first set of really useful links:

And now, Mr. C's Links (codenamed Nukushima) 
NB: highlighted links are especially excellent:

1.1         fukushima dai-ichi plant status
1.1.1        IAEA,JAIF,TEPCO

Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log

Summary of-reactor-status-02-april-2011-1200-utc

ENGNEWS01_1302090062P.pdf (application/pdf Object)

[JAIF] Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.

en20110403-3-3.pdf (application/pdf Object)

[JAIF] Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.

TEPCO : Monitoring data at Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Stations

Technical Briefing on the Situation in Japan (23 March 2011)

en20110331-2-3.pdf (application/pdf Object)

en20110331-2-2.pdf (application/pdf Object)

1.1.2        Others,print

Fukushima 1

Fukushima 2

Fukushima 3

Nuclear Energy Institute - Information on the Japan Earthquake and Reactors in That Region

"Long Since Passed the Level of Three Mile Iceland" - The Crisis in Comparative Perspective Fukushima

Accident in the Japanese NPP Fukushima: Large emissions of Cesium-137 and Iodine-

Accident_Sequence_Fukushima_31March2011.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Cause_of_the_high_Cl38_Radioactivity.pdf (application/pdf Object)

1.1.3     Others,video

1.1.4        news (see also rad measuremts)
1.1.5        fukushima pics
2           radiation measurements related to fuku
2.1         radiation measurements - japan
2.2         radiation measurements - outside japan
2.2.1        U.S. testing  U.S. radiation data  specific items tested  epa gen statemts
2.2.2        smaller amts of data but not u.s., japan
2.3         related news stories
2.4         japan rad DANGER!!!
2.5         advice for japanese
3           understanding radiation
3.1         dose ranges
3.2         dose conversion factors
3.3         radiation or nuclear lists
3.4         physics refs
3.5         educational
3.6         software incl. dose assessment
4           radiation and health
4.1         radiation mitigation & elimination (health)
4.2         dose assessment (see also understanding radiation)
4.2.1        epa & dose/risk assessment
4.2.2        risk
4.3         studies of rad & health
4.4         low dose disagreement
4.4.1        who v, iaea
4.4.2        mainstream view  key docs  negligible to small
4.4.3        alt view  key docs
4.5         do your own study
4.7         nuke debates
4.8         see japan rad DANGER!!! in rad measurements section
4.8.1        quantified  mainstream  alt
5           overall nuke debate
5.1         context
5.1.1        industry
6           NOT USEFUL today (later?)
6.1         good prolly but extra
6.2         prolly not helpful
6.3         prolly not helpful - despite title
6.4         extra
6.4.1        tobacco et al
6.4.2        non-fuku sources
7           Very Interesting Sites

hat tip to corporanon

Remember, freaking out reduces productivity.  


Be seeing you.


  1. yeah..don't freak will be 10 years or so before we all start to die of rare radiation induced no problem...I'm gonna get me some oil soaked Gulf Seafood,some Fluoride laced beer,some msg/aspartame loaded snacks,smoke some nice radioactive polonium tobacco and sit in the deadly sunshine and breathe some fresh iodine and cesium!! Everythings fine!!
    Don't panic..are you kidding..the time to panic was years all we can do is just sit back and wait for the suffering to arrive...

  2. thank you for posting this, it's very informative.

    The Japanese, EPA etc are all suppressing information regarding the radiation levels and telling us it's all fine, I don't believe them for one minute.

    As the above poster said, we won't find out the full extent of this event for years to come, in the form of millions more cancer sufferers - that can't be linked directly to Fukushima, so it'll all be forgotten...

    google NEWSBLOK for the latest "alternative" news headlines from 24 sources all on one simple page. Includes esenews, infowars, naturalnews, press tv and many more

  3. Wow, what an impressive link list! Thanks - will study, already found stuff I hadn't yet been aware of (which means something).
    Since you've cited my English speaking blog posts - if there are any German readers here, I have published an overview artivel with links to several hundred pages on nuclear details in German here:
    Ich habe mal versucht, das gesamte Ausmass der Japan-Atomkatastrophe, Risiken und Gefahren der Atomkraft und was sie fuer Europa bedeuten hier uebersichtlich zusammenzufassen:
    Dort auch Hinweise zum Umgang mit radioaktiv verseuchtem Wasser.

  4. your welcome crisis maven, or shound i say... Ihr willkommen ...und danke Ihnen - und eine Spitze des Hutes zu Google Translate ... Ich werde wiederum geben den 'Ihr willkommen "auf mr. corporanon, the sine qua minimum of really useful links when certain female fausts were beginning to quite unnecesarily freak out....

  5. and apologies for typos. no apologies for butchering languages as long as it was readable -- do tell if it was not. i am much better with german (which i could get around in) i am sure than japanese, ukranian, or korean, but that has not stopped me...

  6. The intricacies of translation ... since you put "your" instead of "you're" into the translator it uses the the genitive ("whose welcome") and hence second-guesses that "welcome" in this context must be a noun. Were it an interpreter (not a translator, the latter written, the former oral) it would've been in a fix, since "your" and "you're" sound the same. Which goes to show machine translation ist still a long way I (if ever) off and machine (simultaneous) interpreting even more so.
    The hat tip again is not the "tip OF a hat" but an idiom, "I tip my hat to you" therefore not the "top" ("Spitze") of a hat but the movement of tipping one's hat which means something only in a culture where hat tipping is deciphered as a type of acknowledgement. It might even go unnoticed by someone who might weigh it as lowly as the scratching of a nose. Which makes interpreting even more difficult. In German a "hat tip" then would (in this day and age where no one wears hats) be a simple "thank you" or "danke" or so. It is one of these vernaculars that don't really lend themselves to sure-fire interpretation (oh well, interpretation yes, but not as in "interpreter").
    Which brings me to the conclusion that an automatic translation between, say, English and Japanese must be even more misleading seeing that someone got killed in a tube station in Tokyo years ago for not using the correct one of eight hierarchical address modes towards a superior ...

  7. humbled, i am. printed that comment, to post - physically - by my computer, a memento erroris uncomfortably reminiscent of clueless overconfidence. there is a particular wince that goes with that, and it is on my face as i type. would much rather catch this glimpse of myself as, years later, i recall my youth, than, days later, i dip a toe into my blog... but my gratitude is sincere. always better to know.

    -- uh -- i hope it is still sincere even though i would be most loathe to abandon all machine translation -- reconfirmed determination to be attentive to detail.... i confess i cannot help but hope.. .that i can still -- wait, what was that i said i was going to do? (she stops, cuts, pastes, prints the comment, folds the very top so that it can hang just to her right for now in the cramped and book filled space in which she prefers to write...)

    thank you, again, this time for taking the time.


  8. that was really helpful - i remember now that i asked for your response because i had suspicions....

    sigh again.

  9. Thank you so much for this info. The amount of research you have done is incredible. Am scavenging some links over to

    Nuclear News Now

    and eventually the Radiation Exposure and Protection Forum which recently crashed,24.0.html

    Thank you again. Namaste,