Johanna Faust, a mixed race Jew, prefers to publish pseudonymously. She is committed: first, to preventing war, ecological disaster, and nuclear apocalypse; last to not only fighting for personal privacy & the freedom of information, but, by representing herself as a soldier in that fight, to exhorting others to do the same. She is a poet, always. All these efforts find representation here: "ah, Mephistophelis" is so named after the last line of Christopher Marlowe's Dr. Faustus, whose heretical success flouted the censor for a time.

Default Back To Good Old 'Legacy' Google Voice In One Click (UPDATED & FULLY FUNCTIONAL)

a Faustian visualization

Drag and drop one of these  
newly updated bookmarklets :

in this window/tab

in a new window/tab

If you are not signed in (like you might not want to be unless you either want to use Voice or Gmail, or you are feeling philanthropic toward poor, starved Big Data Aggregation) you will have to do so, but will be automatically redirected whether you like it or not (how does that work I wonder).

You will not, however, have to open extra tabs/windows.  

You will not have to fumble with the vertical 'More' menu.

You will not have to hunt (or wait for) disabled subheadings to appear.

You may actually, as I did, feel a little less insulted.

Just a little, unfortunately: the lack of basic respect and appreciation for the End User is reintroduced by the æsthetically-challenged 'Try The New Dumb Layout' un-ex-out-of-able banner monstrosity. I haven't figured out how to close that yet. 

But I'm trying.

And (hopefully) that will be that....  I know, I'm dreaming.  Of a not-evil Google, just like the one I used to know...  Ok, I'm giddy; it was a lucky hack.

My hack was not so lucky after all: but Bluescat to the rescue! The workaround he recommended on Google's Product Forum still works as of the date of this update.

 Be seeing you.

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