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The West Coast US Fukushima Radiation Media Effect

"Strong winds and above average sea surface temperatures" are to blame for thousands of delicate blue jellyfishlike creatures found dead on beaches in the Pacific Northwest, according to a article from April 2015 that cites the Oregonian
The total number of these creatures, called velella velella, killed by this latest mass beaching and die-off is estimated to be in the billions.  

They eat plankton, and are usually found on the open Pacific. 

Sardines and whales also eat plankton. 

Sea lions eat sardines. 
Velella Velella, like sardines, whales, and sea lions, are just another species hit hard this year, their fate merely one among many.  

To the left is a non-exhaustive list of the most recent relevant articles, aggregated by Energy News. Click to enlarge or activate links (Having problems? click here for the parent search.)

Give it a quick skim.

The majority of these incidents are of such serious magnitude, scope, or quality as to give one pause.

Many are unprecedented or record-breaking.  

Those (few) of us who have been following the doom, impending in excruciatingly slow motion, that is the ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan have increasingly suspected a connection, the specific mechanism of which remains to be uncovered, between the tons of water poured daily onto, and leaking daily out from, what remains of the reactors at Fukushima on the one hand, and the possibly related disastrous effects upon marine and coastal populations on the other.  

This line of questioning is, I believe, neither irrational, like the rather superstitious distrust of Californian beaches fashionable in early 2014, nor irrelevant, like the conveniently unverifiable video published in late 2013 by means of which that distrust was engendered. 

('Irrelevant' is here a generous choice, from terms such as 'fraudulent' and 'duplicitous,' that perhaps come to mind if one investigates that hardly-unwitting  gem of propaganda; qui bono? qui affordo!)  

Interestingly, the report linked in the body of the article: "Japan Tsunami Boat Found off Oregon," and the one inserted without adequate explanation at the end, "'Warm water' blob: disrupting marine life," may be evidence that the multi-million-dollar global nuclear industry is losing its control over this narrative at last.

Even this main stream content source is, if not openly echoing these suspicions, certainly taking advantage of them to sell ads (and track results). 

Suspect a connection? classifies each report as a "related story."  

Sooner or later, the truth will out. 

Be seeing you. 


  1. And plankton produces 70% of earth's oxygen.

    Be seeing u too, FF.

  2. If billions of dead jellyfish don't get people to think....

    Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed, Fukushima Causing Massive Die Offs

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