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Abolish Cash? Here's A Solution That Actually Benefits Everyone, Not Just The 1% (VIDEO)

 There seems to be a resurgence of cries from all quarters to abolish cash.  In fact, this is merely the effect of talking points, generated by the inexorable Agenda of the 1%.  Don't be fooled: if you think it is hard to protect privacy now, it is near impossible in a cashless society.  

Oh wait, that was supposed to be...  a good thing?

The "Cashless Society" And Total Monetary Surveillance
Lew Rockwell for Market Oracle

The big banks want a cashless society because it is much more profitable for them.
The big banks earn billions of dollars in fees from debit cards and they make absolutely enormous profits from credit cards.
But when people use cash the big banks do not earn anything.
So obviously the big banks and the big credit card companies are big cheerleaders for a cashless society.
Most governments around the world are eager to transition to a cashless society as well for the following reasons....
-Cash is expensive to print, inspect, move, store and guard.
-Counterfeiting is always going to be a problem as long as paper currency exists.
-Cash if favored by criminals because it does not leave a paper trail. Eliminating cash would make it much more difficult for drug dealers, prostitutes and other criminals to do business.
-Most of all, a cashless society would give governments more control. Governments would be able to track virtually all transactions and would also be able to monitor tax compliance much more closely.
When you understand the factors listed above, it becomes easier to understand why the use of cash is increasingly becoming demonized. Governments around the world are increasingly viewing the use of cash in a negative light. In fact, according to the U.S. government paying with cash in some circumstances is now considered to be "suspicious activity" that needs to be reported to the authorities.
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If it is prosperity you want, funneling more money and power to the top is no solution.  It is, in fact, the problem, and is only aided and abetted by the removal of a cash option.

I have a better idea:  tax land.

Here is an eminently watchable documentary that explains in detail the strength of the Land Tax as an alternative to austerity:

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