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The 'Apparent Suicide' of Aaron Swartz: Must-Read Reading List

courtesy of cryptome

Make up  your own mind.  Take a moment, look at the picture above.  Even if you haven't been living under a rock, you might not have yet seen it. Look at that smile.  Under what conditions would you smile like that? How about while you were being raided by the Feds?  Surrounded by agents of your government, acting under orders to attempt to throw the book at you?

Did you know that Aaron H. Swartz

  • had been offered a plea deal of only six months incarceration -- and turned it down?
  • had been investigated by the FBI and gotten his dossier and posted it online in 2009?
  • wrote the supposed 'suicide note' in 2007, when he was really sick (probably food poisoning), not because he was depressed but to feel better?
  • did not do anything normally thought of as hacking in order to download the JSTOR files?
  • got the attention nevertheless of the Secret Service, who personally took over his case, evincing a great interest in the hardware upon which the files had been copied?
  • was 'killed,' according to his father?
  • was not intended to have had the book thrown at him, according to the lawyer for the prosecution?
  • joins two other young internet activists fighting for free speech and privacy who have committed suicide recently?

(...and in the above I avoid the more conspiracy-minded, hypothetical, or fringe.  In my opinion, or rather, my opinion of what should be the general opinion, which is to say, yours.)      

All of this in the links below, and even more, as of what I avoided above I include the choicest yet encountered.  All of which I also have made available for download as PDFs, links appended.  In case something were to, you know, get, uh, misplaced. Swartz was Murdered – He Faced 3 Months in Jail Not 35 Years! « American Everyman Dolan, Husband Of Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor, Defends Her On Twitter hacking case lawyer says Aaron Swartz was offered plea deal of six months behind bars - - Google Search Swartz: US attorney says she only sought six-month jail term | Technology |
Wanted by the FBI (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought) pioneer Aaron Swartz wrote 'suicide note' blog in 2007 Ortiz’s Case Didn’t ‘Kill’ Aaron Swartz | Cognoscenti Red-Handed, Aaron Swartz Was Prepping For Key Federal Court Evidence Hearing | The Smoking Gun and Aaron Swartz — Crooked Timber Truth about Aaron Swartz’s “Crime” « Unhandled Exception Trackbacks for @mkapor Truly incredible that in their own son's obit they blame others for his death and make no mention of the 6-month offer. [] on profile for tomjdolan - Topsy - Google Search / ggreenwald: Carmen Ortiz's husband, IBM ... Cherry: The murder of Aaron Swartz Cherry: Aaron Swartz Murdered Twice Done JEWISH HERO AARON SWARTZ; EXPOSING ELITE CHILD ABUSE

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  1. Most revealing, thanks. I reproduced it at my blog integrally, as you surely know.

  2. you are most welcome.

    i must thank you, for your keenness, for your characteristic attention to those details over which it is to the detriment of so many citizen journalists to be quick to compromise; i am honored.