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M.W.K.P.A. | Masters of War, by Bob Dylan


Grooveshark link fixed, note added.

You may now find links to listen (stream or otherwise) the song, or to the the official lyrics' text, after the faustian reimagining of Dylan, below, singing this song for a recent concert, which I did when I posted this in 2012 and which I decided to make full size because I fancy it is rather well done:

a faustian reimagination of Dylan

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"Masters Of War by Bob Dylan"  
official Bob Dylan site lyrics & purchasing here.
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Rest in Peace Josh Greenberg. Evil to him who thinks evil.

And here is a beautiful version by Tatiana Moroz (click the arrow)

Masters of War

(h/t to 30.06 in the comments below)

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  1. Masters of War by Tatiana Moroz

  2. STOP These WARS

  3. Hands Off Iran


  5. Nuke Iran until it glows. Goodness knows they deserve it.

  6. that was tasteless here. also i am sure the resultant fallout would irradiate your hypothetical allies in such a case. not well thought out.

    this has been a mature, rational exchange of ideas.

    thank you for participating.