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Hack To Circumvent T-Mobile Web Guard And View Any Site You'd Like

UPDATE: at end of post
This photo effed with by a female faust.

The following hacks have not been tested in the last year; at least one of them could, however, be counted on for viewing all sorts of banned content, including evil political sites like What Really Happened, Florida Oil Spill Law, and Black Listed News (all of which were, in my experience, banned by T-mobile's Web Guard's 'good intentions.'

In any event:

Method number one:  add "user@" after the "http://" and before the "www" in the url.  Sometimes instead of www: try it both ways.

Method number two: think of another page that you CAN get that has a link to the page that you want.  Go there and click on it.  (I made myself a special page of all my favorite links just for this purpose).  If your page is also banned, try mailing it to yourself.  Or data-encoding it (see the  data-developer tinyurl portal in the sidebar if your URI is too long).  Or both.

Method number three (and the most likely to work after one try): Enter a search term that will bring up your desired URL.  Get ready for some fancy thumbwork.  Click on it; click back, click on some other URL, click back to the one you want, click forward, back two, forward one -- always ending after a flurry of entries on the site you desire.  

... et voilà.


for those not prepaid
this just in from ehow:

    • 1
    • Log on to your T-Mobile account (see Resources).
    • 2
    • Click the "Profile" link under "Manage" and click the "Edit" link next to "Phone Controls."
    • 3
    • Click and select the "Turn Off" radio button under each "Web Guard" line. Click the "Save changes" button to save your changes and disable Web Guard.

Be seeing you.


  1. another method: use google translate, and translate any page you want to see from chinese. since the page is in english, google translate gives up and just gives you the original content. however most censoring software will recognize the source as google translate, and not the original site, and so will let it through

  2. anonymous march 24: not always; sometimes google informs you that it is already in english. in such a case, try translating TO chinese, then view original page.

  3. Try this!!

    Name : Benjamin Phelps
    SSN: 265-74-1149
    DOB: 06/30/1975
    Address: (any made up address will do)

    It definetely worked for me and several other people. Post a comment if it worked for you.

  4. you are most welcome, my dear reader.

  5. How would someone use the name, dob, and ssn?

  6. If you disable web guard they will know or t-mobly will call your parents or tell them?..... ps... web guard knows wath are you searching in the Internet ? Or it just block the content ?

  7. they won't call your parents -- but your parents may well be monitoring your phone anyway, all your calls, and texts, and browsing history. in real time (so you can't erase it). all someone needs to do to do this is have physical access once to your phone.

    they just block content -- but if your parents aren't monitoring content, the NSA (in collusion with the FBI the DEA and possibly your local authorities) is recording everything.

    if you want to know the joyous ability to not be watched -- so you can learn and grow without fear -- then find out how to help us fight to keep the internet free of this corruption and make our devices actually ours.

    it isn't yours now, that phone or gaming device or computer, if its a tracking device. we don't own our things, we are owned, we are being sold.

    the owners do not know what is best for everyone. they do not know what they are doing. corporations are not people. no one is in charge.

    it is up to YOU, you, reading this now, to help us, or the human race is doomed to slavery --- and its looking like, if we accept slavery, we are headed for extinction.


  8. So Bejamin Phelps + sssn + dob did not work for me. I googled him though. Apparently he's some bigot? but when I included his adddress, then it worked!

    Admin: Benjamin Caleb Phelps
    SSN: ???-??-???? ---> Go here for SSN: :)
    DOB: 06/30/1975
    Address: 3636 Huntoon St Topeka, KS 66604
    Phone Number: 785-228-9239