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Barely a ripple in the news.  I found out from a helpful comment on the last page of comments posted to a video SOS from Fukushima residents (that appears to have its view count fixed, but that's another story).  I thought, 'what the...'  and sure enough.  

google "nuclear event california". you should find something about a nuclear accident that nobody had ever heard of until recently.
IamDiabolik 1 day ago

Very rarely do such tips lead astray.

Here's a summary of the AP article, screenshot below:

Gil Alexander, a spokesperson for Southern California Edison -- the public utility corporation in charge -- said an "unusual event" was declared at 6:12 am on Saturday.   That is the extent of any actual quote; the spokesperson is paraphrased for the rest of the paragraph long article.  The wording is slippery enough to make it difficult for me to verify what gender this spokesperson is.  Although "Officials" are named in plural initially, the plurality seems hypothetical, or rhetorical, or rather, moot.  At least in terms of information available to me.

It seems the problem had to do with  -- and we are reassured that what it has to do with is already being done by something else before we even know what it is, like, don't freak, the thing you are about to find out stopped working was only the backup thing so what it was doing got done, got it? -- security. A security system, uh, I mean, one of several redundant security sustems stopped working, it was a momentary glitch.  Jeez.  It was restored within 45 minutes, it wasn't even related to nuclear operations, and just in case you were thinking security meant a break in, no part of the perimeter was left unguarded.  It was nothing, and we at SoCalEd still checked it all out like it was something, issued a warning and all, stayed on f*cking alert for almost 45 minutes, all for a bunch of f*cking red tape over nothing, ok?  got it? It was nothing. Nothing to see, nothing to report, nothing to worry about. Jeez.  What happened?  Why did -- What?  Yes -- I don't -- I mean -- No, I don't know what kind of equip--  Look, I was just trying to find OUT wtf was going on when I got interrupted, so do i have to go through this whole stupid rigamarole? Christ!  There was, uh, no release of anything bad, uh, no imact on human health, uh, (in slightly singsong tone) 'the situation is being monitored and no harmful effects are expected to be reported,' OK? Especially if you let us do our job. Jeez.  'Thats all we know at this time.  We're still monitoring the situation.'  

Did I say summary?  

I meant channeled reeactment.
If they didn't know what kind of equipment was involved or what caused the failure, how could they reassure the public so confidently? How could they know with such certainty that the perimeter was safe and that nuclear operations were not involved?

Try this on for size : if nuclear material at the plant suddenly was discovered missing, without there being a break in.....

But surely they would tell the public what was going on, right?  It would really be almost like they were lying if they were to cover it up with semantics...

Be seeing you.

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