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Signs of Radiation Sickness:
Experiences Since March 11 in California

I was commenting on a rather frightening lil' article, thought to share the info. Then I thought, this is a proper post. Scroll down for the article that inspired it (not much new info there, I am afraid, though props to the journalist for some hard core representing, in this matter as in the BP-'spill.' Keep up the Great Work, Deborah Dupre).  

Comments are most welcome, as always.

Radiation Effects Experienced Personally & Some Also By People With Whom I Am Personally Familiar

by Johanna Faust

Symptoms the article(s) below do not mention: metallic taste in mouth (all); bad muscle cramps, especially ones that will not go away for a long period of time (cesium); swollen lymph glands; loose or suddenly painful teeth; hives (iodine). the last two especially in those with known iodine allergies. go to a doctor and get tested -- don't say its about radiation -- see if your iodine levels are unnaturally high. 

stay out of the rain. do not wear shoes at home. damp dust and wear a good particulate mask and gloves and eye protection when dusting. spray water after cleaning to help dust settle (important). eat lots of tumeric and get you iodine levels up with ki or kelp if on west coast, idaho, pennsylvania, or any place with known high levels. avoid milk and organic mushrooms, strawberries. wear gloves when changing air filters. these are just so many different approaches, ways to think about it.

a few more observations, if i may: 

i did not include these strange headaches that i have been getting. didn't used to get them except once when i was visiting a place with high elevation. these headaches, center forehead behind eyes pressure, same on both side, not throbbing, painful. does not respond to aspirin, ibuprofen or caffeine. 

happened about as often as the sore throat. had both together after this one night i slept with the window open. had each symptom maybe 4, 5 times, all since late march (no headaches before then, & the last cold/flu was new year's).

2 bouts of wicked bad cramps, one the first wednesday in June, almost 24hrs of the threat or actuality of severe cramps. even when soaking in hot epsom water. sometimes opposing muscle groups simultaneously. 2nd time was maybe a couple days ago. reishi tea helped, but i cannot extrapolate with certainty based on one instance. coincided with a spike in cesium levels, and i also had eaten some strawberries. was surprised at the correlation, & scared.

lastly, a metallic taste in the mouth: reminded me of a time when i had chrome or keys or plated steel in my mouth as a child, thinking about something else, suddenly realized it. and the horrible taste. kept coming back no matter what i drank or rinsed or brushed with. this has happened recently only once, in early May, when i was out cycling as i recall. i wo...See More

these links include info explaining radiation, and links to monitoring stations, as well as links to all aspects of the debate. excellent to start dealing with the situation. 
-- as list: 
-- as mind-map

because it does no good to freak out -- unnecessarily.

Here is the article these were originally in comment to:

& the article to which that one served as clarification:

I want to say something funny like "So....  about that land you wanted to invite me to live upon -- in Costa Rica..." -- but it wouldn't be funny.  

I want to curse these people that brought this upon us.  I want to cleanse their likeness from my soul.  I cannot believe that they do not even question their own actions, as I agonize over mine.  Theirs affect so many, so obviously, and mine so few.  If any Reader out there can make a difference in this mess, even if it means changing drastically the course, the direction of his Life's work, the time is most definitely now.  The time was in fact yesterday, was last year. Silence equals death.  Silence kills.  Silence is consent.  Do not consent even passively to these evils.  Do not further them with your sweat equity or with your good name.  

I know I am not perfect in this, but if, when I see the good, I pattern myself after it, if when I see evil in myself, I strive to rid myself of it, if I do not shrink from this (and I know cannot, it is too important now)... there is no explicit complement to that conditional. There is much virtue in this 'if' -- it is more of an imperative.  An invocation.

"If we make it
we will all
sit back
and laugh"

King Crimson, Epitaph.

Be seeing you.


  1. just heard from Arnie Gunderson that Seattle is the new locus of cesium and strontium "hot spots." Average 5 hot spots inhaled daily, 10-20 hot spots daily with heavy breathing (sex, other exercise).Hot spots are irradiated particulates that stick to the linings of the lungs. Couldn't happen to a more health-oriented city.

  2. Sad that it appears the article has been taken down.

  3. I suspect your frontal headaches are because you clench you jaws (due to the stressof FUkyshima. I had a biofeedback clinic and always (99%) were because of jaw clenching. This would not likely be a symptom of Fuk, yet I totally agree it is underknown and definitely potent. Practice letting go of your jaw, relaxing your tongue and notice everytime you get upset you are clenching your jaw. Some just do it at night and in their sleep.