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Is BP Alone in Enforcing European Jet-Fuel Sanctions Against Iran?

another installment of What I Want to Know Is

by johanna faust

The original text of the Statement by the President on H.R. 2194 may seem a little vague; the Act is "designed to pressure Iran by requiring sanctions on those persons investing in Iran's development of petroleum resources and exporting to Iran refined petroleum and items needed to strengthen Iran's refined petroleum production capability." Obviously this includes jet-fuel, when supplied to Iranian jets; obviously this includes all suppliers. Thus the Sydney Morning Herald reports, in Obama signs toughest-ever US sanctions on Iran:

President Barack Obama signed into law the toughest ever US sanctions on Iran, which he said would strike at Tehran's capacity to finance its Nuclear program and deepen its isolation. The measures, on top of new UN Security Council and European sanctions, aim to choke off Iran's access to imports of refined petroleum products like Gasoline and jet fuel and curb its access to the international banking System.

Much is being made of this move, at least on paper. The actual effect outside of main stram US media may differ: "However, the sanction or isolation of Iran is highly exaggerated by foreign-based opposition groups" states editor E Emrooz in a Tehran Times editorial entitled “Sanctions and Anti-Sanctions.”

This does seem to be the case. From "Britain, Germany, UAE deny refusing fuel to Iran planes" we learn that the German office of Iran Air dismissed reports of service interruptions originating from Tehran, saying "It is not correct," that refueling had continued without interruption; in Great Britain, a government official stated

"At present Her Majesty's Government is not aware of any occasions when fuel has been refused in the UK."

And a Dubai airport spokesman said Iranian planes were still able to refuel. "Iranian planes travelling to and from Dubai through Dubai International Airport still enjoy the refueling service," he said.

The General Civil Aviation Authority which oversees the sector in the UAE, of which Dubai is a member, said it did not have information of any such ban on Iranian planes.

But here's where it gets interesting: "a source close to the aviation sector in the UAE" said there were problems with one international supplier of jet-fuel:

"A servicing company which provides fueling at several airports around the world has refused to provide Iranian planes with fuel, including at UAE terminals," he said."The Iranian air operators have alternative sources for refueling at UAE airports," he added, requesting anonymity.

Which servicing company could that be?

BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) has instructed its European operations not to refuel Iranian airlines after U.S. President Barack Obama signed sanctions targeting Iran's gasoline supplies, people familiar with the matter said Monday.

The document ordered a ban on refueling for several Iranian airlines, including Iran Air, the people said. "It's due to a decision from the U.S. Congress," one person said.

But not all non-U.S. companies have decided to enforce the sanctions when it comes to refueling. A spokesman for Dubai's airport told AFP on Monday that Iranian passenger planes are still able to refuel at the airport.

Isn't that a little strange?

Be seeing you.

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  1. Not strange at all. Obama controls any fines or
    other sanctions BP is liable for in the gulf
    doesn't he???

  2. This is why the governance class wants every individual and corporate entity guilty of something . . . to use as leverage.

  3. If BP had been wanting to do business with Iran, say 10 weeks ago. Then sabotaging the Deepwater Horizon would have been the standard normal way of dicsiplining BP.

    It seems BP has been disciplined. It is the only company announced; that is carrying out this boycott.

  4. Bit of double speak here. They are putting sanctions on Iranian Petroleum sector in order to... er, slow down their nuclear program? No, they are putting sanctions on their petroleum sector, to increase Iran's need to develop nuclear power at an even more desperate pace, so that they can then get all up in arms about, and use it as an excuse to invade.

  5. anon (Not strange at all): sort of like the amorphous transaction of the campaign contribution and the expected reward..? yes .. but i wonder... if there isn't more at work here...

    anon ("This is why the governance class ") : i agree with you in the general -- but i don't see how it applies in the specific...

    anon ("Bit of double speak here"): excellent comment ... excellent. problem is, i don't think they were intending to wait that long...

    thank you all for your thoughtful responses.

    be seeing you.

  6. BP is, of course, an acronym for British Petroleum neé Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, responsible (with CIA help) for overthrowing the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossedegh and reinstalling the puppet monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1953. The popular revolt against the return of royal rule led directly to the 1979 Iranian Revolution, driving the Shah into exile, seizing the U.S. embassy and the rise to power of the current theocracy led by the Ayatollahs.

    Chickens? Meet roost.

  7. With that history, understand that Iran has been under constant political, economic, and literal attack (via proxies like Iraq in the 80s) by British, American, and now Israeli powermongers since the days of Lawrence of Arabia.

  8. Hands Off Iran