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H1N1 Manufactured At Ft. Dietrich, and other oddities.

"The first time you see someone wearing a face-mask, wear one."

The above is a bit of advice I offered freely and
ex tempore last year at the height (in my internet-enhanced newsconscious and thus perhaps fevered comprehension) of the Ukrainian Flu Scare (or should I say, after Ukrainian fashion, Californian Flu Scare). The only thing I would add to it now (since I am with Recombinomics – this black-lung-flu-thing is far from over) is: "A mask and gloves and eye protection" (the virus favors the eyes for an entry point, according to one Ukrainian Doctor who sounded knowledgable) "...and remember if you touch the mask when you take it off you might as well not have worn it."

Well,there was someone wearing a mask on Bart yesterday.

I hadn't been keeping up with H1N1 for a couple months. Call it denial,or maybe commonsense, if you think it was all a hoax. I think that's partially true but the black-lung mutation, or variant, which is so much like the 1918 flu, is no joke. (Go ahead, google it, I'll wait). (Hold on - if you want to actually read the articles, look at these first - they're handpicked, repost, and migrating them here is on my to-do list. That I keep in my head).

I translate some Ukrainian. I translate some Chinese. Then I found this - a radio interview with Dr. True Ott, of Joseph Moshe fame. I transcribed a little for you, gentle reader.

Kerry: ...Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Project Camelot Whistleblower Radio. We're on the air with Dr. True Ott, and, uh, why don't you go ahead with, um, what we were talking about before the break, in terms of the - what you call a recombinant virus, and, and I understand that it was - its, that - that - basically, that you can prove, and you are proving, in essence, that it was manufactured by fort Dietrich, is that right?

Dr. Ott: Yes, we have the gene clade structures, OK, out of the research labs of the CDC, we had those analyzed, we - we have all of the smoking guns that show where it was created, uh, and the vaccine that Novartis has... a master patent [on, is intended] to combat this.. is, is also mapped [matched?] with the feed-stock, that is, to begin with, in 2005. So there is collusion there most definitely. Now what the US attorney is telling us - we want to get charges, you know, press on this, and, uh, and get that out - that'd be the , uh, the only way that I can see that's really stopping it, is proving that this was all collusion, and a fraud, a very big fraud.

OK, but the US attorneys are telling me 'You have no proof that this was released. You have a convincing case that this originated at Fort Dietrich, but how did it get out into the public?' They are telling me 'It's no crime to make a weaponized virus...'... You know I have to agree with him, its not, otherwise they would have been arrested 30 or 40 years ago, when they were making the Ames strain of anthrax. OK it's not a problem to keep that Ames strain of anthrax in a secure level 3 bioweapons facility either, is it. Somebody asked about this. It may be morally wrong, but it's not illegal. But when somebody in Fort Dietrich sends out anthrax pores to the press and to Senator Daschle's office, well thats a very serious criminal offense, and then there are going to be arrests made, trial...

Were trying to find out how it's done. We really do need a whistleblower, on the inside, to come out and tell the truth. We know it was, it was there, we know - the only people who can really make this are the scientists, and by their own admission, they've done it.

Kerry: [tell me about the] linkup with Promis software and our investigation into that area. My understanding is that you received some death threats...

Dr. Ott: to be able to link Federal reserves and world wide reserves worldwide... there were many pirated copies... government agencies could track any illegal activities... one can.... show the new generation of the software was set up to be.... I found that the Oracle 8i software is under government control... Novartis relied on Oracle 8i [to sequence the 1918 vaccine]... that makes it available to fort Dietrich...

This connection sounding a little wacko, I looked it up, and wouldn't you know... not only might this be true, the s/w is linked to PTECH and PROMIS. Google them, knock yourself out. Here's an interesting video; be seeing you.

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