Why Iran, Why Now? One Reason Stands Out (A Reminder)

In case you missed it:

DPRK announced plan to trade excusively in Euros: 
     and they were branded Evil by the Bush Administration.

Iraq switched oil trade to Euro: 
     and they were attacked.

Russia switches its trading to the Euro: 
     just in time for the New Cold War. 

Syria switches to the Euro: 
     finds themselves in the midst of a media blackout, 
     with certain targets rediscovering the Stone Age, 
     with Israel's help, 
     since it was back into that which 
     they were (or were not) bombed 
     (to be fair, this may have had to do with 
     the missing nuclear device)

Is this a trend?

Robert Newman, of "The History of Oil," certainly thinks so.  And he is much wittier, I would wager:

Libya was set to trade oil in gold dinars: 
     but isn't it odd how they were leveled by NATO 
     before this could get aff the ground?  
     and what happened to all Qaddhaffi's gold?

Iran is set to switch from dollars to Euros on March 20th.

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Fukushima Fuel Spotted x-Vessel: Link to Archive fixed

There are a few links broken at this site, and for this I apologize.  Two of the most important -- to me anyway - have just been fixed: the downloadable video of the X-vessel corium spotted at Fukushima (between one and two, I think) is now here; and the zipped archive of stills is now here.

Also, although I haven't yet figured out how to host it so that  it displays properly in all browswers, here is:

The Really Useful Links Mind Map File In Downloadable Form:

as a java web start app:
       the mind map, web page
       the mind map, webarchive
       the folder of attendant files, zipped

as an html page containing a flash object
       the page
       the folder of attendant files, zipped

as all of the above and more -- includes odt and xsl
       a zipped archive

The Mind Map was originally made with FreeMind, available here.

In general, if a link is broken I may not know about it, and if you bring it to my attention I may be able to do ameliorate the situation.

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M.W.K.P.A. | Masters of War, by Bob Dylan


Grooveshark link fixed, note added.

You may now find links to listen (stream or otherwise) the song, or to the the official lyrics' text, after the faustian reimagining of Dylan, below, singing this song for a recent concert, which I did when I posted this in 2012 and which I decided to make full size because I fancy it is rather well done:

a faustian reimagination of Dylan

Stream may play automatically; the button with the circular arrow turns off autoplay; it may attempt to continue a playlist; listen at your own risk, as it is not my playlist. Click to stream:
"Masters Of War by Bob Dylan"  
official Bob Dylan site lyrics & purchasing here.
streaming courtesy of TwojaNuta.pl. 
Grooveshark is Dead.  Long Live Grooveshark.
Rest in Peace Josh Greenberg. Evil to him who thinks evil.

And here is a beautiful version by Tatiana Moroz (click the arrow)

Masters of War

(h/t to 30.06 in the comments below)

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