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Why Iran, Why Now? One Reason Stands Out (A Reminder)

In case you missed it:

DPRK announced plan to trade excusively in Euros: 
     and they were branded Evil by the Bush Administration.

Iraq switched oil trade to Euro: 
     and they were attacked.

Russia switches its trading to the Euro: 
     just in time for the New Cold War. 

Syria switches to the Euro: 
     finds themselves in the midst of a media blackout, 
     with certain targets rediscovering the Stone Age, 
     with Israel's help, 
     since it was back into that which 
     they were (or were not) bombed 
     (to be fair, this may have had to do with 
     the missing nuclear device)

Is this a trend?

Robert Newman, of "The History of Oil," certainly thinks so.  And he is much wittier, I would wager:

Libya was set to trade oil in gold dinars: 
     but isn't it odd how they were leveled by NATO 
     before this could get aff the ground?  
     and what happened to all Qaddhaffi's gold?

Iran is set to switch from dollars to Euros on March 20th.

Be seeing you.


  1. George Archers Toronto
    Consider USA a bank. Loans Yankee dollars--out of thin air. Dollar is world's reserve. Meaning countries must borrow billions of dollars to trade in oil and gas. Who owns must of the world's oil companies USA/UK. It cost them less than $12 /barrel of crude oil.Notice the oil is tied to the dollar?. USA gets 82% of foriegn oil from Canada--NONE from Middle East. Canadian oil is TAX FREE to USA under free trade. Most Canadian registered oil companies are USA owned (Even Petro Canadass).Oil trades at US $110/barrel--Oil companies acquire it at $12 or less.Shows you--Oil companies own congress and will not let go of USA reserve. Nice way to make easy money. America loves the setup--and so should you--just another way of Pirating--but legal looting :^/

  2. Hands Off Iran


  4. "The war party thirsts for conflict as the hart thirsts for water" (Bismarck). But the real experts urge "restraint" - there's only one reasonable explanation, they think the conflict might end the wrong way. I too expect the business to happen sooner rather than later. But I expect a surprise outcome...not that Iran can "win", but Savrolia might lose...

  5. STOP These WARS