Fukushima Fuel Spotted x-Vessel: Link to Archive fixed

There are a few links broken at this site, and for this I apologize.  Two of the most important -- to me anyway - have just been fixed: the downloadable video of the X-vessel corium spotted at Fukushima (between one and two, I think) is now here; and the zipped archive of stills is now here.

Also, although I haven't yet figured out how to host it so that  it displays properly in all browswers, here is:

The Really Useful Links Mind Map File In Downloadable Form:

as a java web start app:
       the mind map, web page
       the mind map, webarchive
       the folder of attendant files, zipped

as an html page containing a flash object
       the page
       the folder of attendant files, zipped

as all of the above and more -- includes odt and xsl
       a zipped archive

The Mind Map was originally made with FreeMind, available here.

In general, if a link is broken I may not know about it, and if you bring it to my attention I may be able to do ameliorate the situation.

Be seeing you.

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