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Fukushima Citizens
Bravely Confront Government
Over Empty Rhetoric, Broken Promises (VIDEO)

Nakate is at it again, and may extraordinary luck and timing be the reward for his determination in the face of such evil. As I posted excerpts of, in part, here; this is full clip (with much better captions).  

I found it riveting. I could not help but think of the awesome effect of a demand for such accountability, even if it seemed to fall on deaf ears.  I found myself trying to imagine the impact -- and unfortunately, trying to imagine such a demand arising without being born of such extreme events.

Let us, you and I, imagine it together.  Let this mental exercise bear fruit in the real world. Let's make it real.  

Description, from posted on Youtube, July 23, 2011: 
On the 19th of July 2011, people in Fukushima had a meeting with government officals from Tokyo to demand that the government evacuate people promptly in Fukushima and provide financial and logistical support for them. Also, they brought urine of children to the meeting and demanded that the government test it.

With much applause for pejorativeglut for making these videos available:  The sources for the following video are below (all cued to their respective selections: rewind or fast forward if you wish to see more).  Source videos:

And given the scent of censorship of which the media has become redolent of late, please, Gentle Reader, download and save the target files of these links.   The extent to which the Japanese Government has declared itself willing to put muscle behind such statements is, I suspect, no anomaly.

Not in the least.

Be seeing you.

As a matter of fact....

Get another hard drive.

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