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Citizen Uncovers
Secret, Unjust
Gov't Double Standard?

Must-see. Nakate is a brave and determined man and a loving Parent.  He has been fighting for the health and just treatment of himself,  his family, and the other Citizens of Fukushima Prefecture seemingly willfully neglected since the nuclear crisis began on 3/11.

This video documents what he uncovered, with a simple question, about the official policy toward evacuees.  

Must see.  Please repost, retweet, relink, &c.

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a corrupt health official the Citizen Group organized against and what happened to him.

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  1. We should watch this and consider what our government's response would be to the same overwhelming situation. Imagine the BP government 'bailout' only with radiation and permanent uninhabitability. We'd be lucky to get the $12k check. Move along... don't be unpleasant peasants... gotta break a few countries to make a global omelette... GE brings good things to a few people's lives... and yours don't matter.