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Fukushima Residents Make Video Plea For Help

Fukushima residents are only being evacuated now on a case by case basis -- if their house is sufficiently radioactive, they  can recieve government support in their evacuation.  If not, they are on their own.

A comment posted over at Alexander Higgins' blog points out that help does not have to be in cash:

message uploaded originally by Nigoo100. You can send a message to a moms to save their children from radiation
at this email address:
You can send details of a relocation site at the following addresses:

Be seeing you.


  1. The nation, the culture of Japan, over 35,000 years old, has been destroyed. If the truth were told, the nation, and all of its occupants would have to be evacuated.

  2. This is so sucks. How can they let these peoeple and children wonder if their health is being risked or not? they looked so scared....

  3. It iss all because of one dumb stupid f*ck. Who builds nuclear plants at the coast next to tsuname and earthqiacke. May be that was plant to hapen.

  4. There is also a report on why all 10 backup systems failed to start after it being hit by tsunami. The backup systems where found to be infected by StuxNet virus which also results in malfunction of the valves.