UPDATE: Power Point Presentation Reveals Secret Plans for Domestic Military Crackdown

These were the files originally with this post - plus an instructional video by the author.

from the original scoop:

One of the videos that was with the source material:


more as is uploaded.

Be seeing you.

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Zane said...

Hmm, the upper video isn't loading.

tangel476 said...

one of my online friends dreamed that they coming to round us up.Fred Alan Wolf believed our cultural crisis is caused by dream images appearing in our reality

Anonymous said...

Why were comments revealing prior publication of CONplan 3502 back in 2006 censored from this site?

a female Faust said...

Zane - that should be fixed. tAngel: but how do we direct our dreams? it is my feeling that it can, but doesn't have to be this way -- just like all those Powers That Be who mine literature for ideas on how to better be totalitarian sadistic fascist dickheads surely have better things to do with themselves. newsflash, assholes running the world: Orwell wrote a cautionary tale - 1984 is *fiction* -- so stop traeting it like an instruction manual and combing through it to see if you forgot anything....

i would like to think -- i *do* think -- that we don't have it in for ourselves to that extent. (ever read/seen "the lathe of heaven"?)

but i digress.

tangel476 said...

On pages 254-55 of 'Parallel Universes', Fred Alan Wolf go into details in what 'The Lathe of Heaven' can do for us.

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