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Secret Plans for Domestic Military Crackdown Published by Mistake

I would have been skeptical too, upon reading such a headline -- had I not come across this absolute gem on Cryptome.

Sitting down? Why don't you get something to drink, make yourself comfortable, forget about going anywhere for a while. Smoke 'em
if you got 'em. Better yet, make sure there is room on your hard drive or server. Send off a few emails and tweets. This Indymedia scoop on the Military Industrial Complex is about as good -- and terrifying -- as it gets.

Secret 'Trigger'
& blueprint for
plan revealed

An Exclusive Twin Cities IndyMedia Scoop:

thanks to the internet archive --
indymedia scoop

Knowledge is power.

Be seeing you.

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  1. This has been out there in cyberspace for quite awhile, including with Alex Jone's site.

    Its also not an Indymedia scoop- but CRYPTOME's.

  2. Kirby Puckett wrote about Conplan 3502 replacing Garden Plot back in March of 2006.

    Radio Free Oklahoma also did the story back in summer of 2009 as a warning to all to get ready.

    Thank you for rerunning the information and pushing it out there. People need to be remotivated to prepare and beware.

  3. Hey thank you for posting about my story - if you have any questions or comments shoot em over to

    This was definitely my scoop and not Cryptome's, but John Young has been really supportive & as you say, helped tremendously to circulate the info.

    The existence of CONPLAN 2502 / 3502 was kind of known earlier, on for example, however this tunes us in to the latest revision, trigger etc.

    Best regards!

  4. Also let me add that this is a Creative Commons share with attribution-license story so if you would like to post the entire thing, copy images or etc, please go ahead!!

  5. Hongpong: i understand. i would like to think that you would find my particular slant on appropriate responses to the situation entertaining, at the very least.

    anon #1: but the trigger is news.

    anon #2 : your welcome. i do what i can. i hope we an collectively achieve some form of sanity; i think the time is getting short. of course i try not to do anything i wouldnt otherwise.