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An Example Of Misinformation On Social Media Willfully Downplaying Coronavirus Danger

Now I think not preventing even one preventable death is a grievous mistake, & doing so on purpose, knowing the consequences, is a crime. 

But let’s leave that aside for the moment, and look at this conversation I had recently on Twitter. It was in response to a reply to the the above tweet:


I knew his numbers looked wrong, so I originally responded by working out what he was actually saying. (For the purposes of argument.)  




I left it there, being tired, and went to bed.

When I looked at it again I knew the stats had serious issues. Here are the COVID-19 numbers for today, August 27, 2020.


Blurred but otherwise unredacted screenshot here.

 The stats in above Twitter conversation claimed less than 10% of people show symptoms, & only .002% of the people that show symptoms need hospitalization.

So that’s only .002% of 10%, which is the same as 0.0002 per 100 people, which is the same as 2 people in 1,000,000.

These stats claim that only 2 people per million positive coronavirus cases are bad enough to require hospitalization.

If everyone in the US tested positive, that would mean only 656 people hospitalized (and by implication, a smaller amount dying).


Errors such as this in statistics appear to me to indicate a willful attempt to misinform that in this context I consider criminal.


To be fair to the intelligence of Twitter, there were other objections mounted while I was composing:



Thanks to every one of them.  I wish I knew what goes through a person's mind to willfully misinform.  Actually, maybe I don't want to know.

I do know that that last paragraph I wrote reminds me of so many phrases demonizing people (liberals, SJWs, protesters, antifa, etc.) that I find on far-right platforms.  Usually after coming to conclusions based on erroneous assumptions and faulty logic.  Neither of which are I think at play here, but if they are, please tell me, either in the comments or on Twitter.

Thank you.

Be seeing you.

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