FNSAIPS: Your Data Self-Destructs If Viewed By NSA
(As A Form Of Communication) (UPDATE)

Working again.

Code now on the more permanent Pastebin.

Visit this link to add IP addresses: surprise me.

To refresh memory, 

As long as they don't disable scripts or sandbox it, and as long as they are using office computers to view it and don't just fetch the source code directly, and as long as their IP addresses are on the list....

....then the page they were trying to view will self-destruct, leaving no trace, not even in history.

Guess they will have to reload the source, no?  The back button surely is not the way to go.  Pretty neat.  Here is a demo of what it would look like from their perspective. Intended more as a gesture -- a form of communication, if you will.  Effective communication.  You can help me by adding IP addresses to the list.  
 The code:

Be seeing you.