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Index Of All External Links From Energy News Including Videos, 1.0

"Gentle Readers, for your edification, and possible delight, I hereby present the result of a curious project: An Index Of All External Links From Energy News Including Videos.  Up until about a week ago. Updates (and titles) are intended but not promised. The index is not yet sortable, but 'edit/find' is your friend.  

This is a work in progress, and suggestions are welcome. 

"It is a good time to visit the comment section actually --" :::checks watch::: "-- the traffic should have died down..."

This index spans all matter of genres, filetypes, and sources. It was by definition compiled by many people, since most links were mined from the comments section.  No Energy News webpages proper are included, just outbound links. 

I have not yet come upon the best format, both for the material and my understanding of HTML; hence the '1.0' -- making this index of information, mostly concerned with matters Nuclear,  a beta version. So to speak.  

"Ahem." :::tap tap tap:::  "Is this thing on?" ::tap tap::

"I'll be here all week.... Be sure to...

...thank the wonderful people commenting tirelessly over at Energy News on your way out. 


links archive for

Does not include links proper.
This was done with a crawler; if something is missing I want to know about it, and if you have a suggestion for a tool I can use to automate this, please leave a comment.


Be seeing you.


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