Young Turk's Cenk Uygur Gets NSFW Over Benghazi Political Clown Show

"If You're Going To Cover Something, Pack A Bunch Of Clowns In A Clown Car, Roll That In, And Cover That."

Original Title: ‘F*ck You, Move the F*ck On!’ Cenk Uygur Flips Off GOP, Fox on Benghazi

[h/t  Raw Story via  Josh Feldman (@feldmaniac)]
Be Seeing You

Such A Definitive Opinion On Donald Sterling That Even I Wanted To Post It

It is by Kareem Abdul Jabbar, introduction for whom even the sports-challenged such as myself understand there be no need.

Dig the NSA angle.

Here is a bit of graphical artistry that doubles as an excerpt:

The rest is here.

Be seeing you.