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AIDS, EBOLA, ENGINEERED? | Full-text of Ground-breaking Study (UPDATED LINKS)

Inspired by the recent article over at Desertpeace calling our attention back to this text, I thought to dig it up and present it in its entirety.  Funny, it wasn't ebola that was why I read  Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz's work the first time...

Click on the book's cover to view (hopefully -- if Dropbox lets non-members view PDFs); you can also click here, or here to download PDF or zipped file, respectively. Downloads should be automatic.

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  1. I cannot get to either link for the article on AIDS and Ebola. I see these two diseases as being engineered to keep Africa in chains for European corporations and banks.

    Is there someone else who has posted this? I would like to condense this down to 2,000 words for my blog.


  2. Torrent is here:[]

  3. damn i am so sorry -- should be fixed now, i tested it!!!!

  4. for text version try this backup.

    apologies again.

  5. thank you for the torrents; i have not checked them, so everyone should remain observant as always, but another link is ALWAYS a good thing to such documents...

    thanks again.