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Nuclear Waste and the Ukraine

Storage facility for nuclear waste to open in Chornobyl zone in 2013
Oct. 5, 2011, 8:34 p.m.
by Interfax-Ukraine via Kyiv Post

A centralized storage facility for radioactive waste is to open in the Chornobyl zone in 2013, Head of the State Agency for Managing the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone Volodymyr Kholosha told reporters during a briefing in the Chornobyl zone (Kyiv region) on Wednesday. "This storage facility will allow all of the radioactive waste from the territory of Ukraine that is stored at special facilities of bankrupt enterprises to be collected together and stored safely here for at least fifty years," he said. The official added that there is a lot of radioactive waste in Ukraine, especially near large cities, and these territories have to be cleaned up.

According to Kholosha, the storage facility will have enough capacity to accept 21,000 items of radioactive waste per year.

"This will effectively allow the facility to collect together [all of Ukraine's radioactive waste] in one place and make our environment safer within 15 years," the head of the state agency said.

British Ambassador to Ukraine Leigh Turner said that the UK has allocated GBP 8 million for the construction of the storage facility, and the European Commission could grant an additional EUR 2 million for the project. The ambassador added that the storage facility could become a reliable place for storing over 400,000 items of radioactive waste.

The UK ambassador stressed the importance of the fact that all radioactive waste on the territory of Ukraine would be far removed from residential areas, and this could prevent their illegal use by potential terrorists.

He added that the Ukrainian authorities should continue fruitful cooperation with the United States, France, Germany, Sweden and the European Union to remove all radioactive waste from the territory of Ukraine.


The Ukrainian official stressed that waste only from the territory of Ukraine will be stored there.

Read more.!), scaremongering for its masters, teases with a good headline -- "Ukraine to serve as deposit for western waste?" and describes the waste the European Union is ready to ship for storage at Chernobyl.  'Good idea -- its already contaminated?'  Or, 'Bad idea, who will want to work there?' Possible or likely unsubtantiated rumour. View it here as text only (courtesy Textise), and you won't be linked directly to Pravda.

From 20 August, a 4.3 million euro tender put out by Devex International Development Career Forum (Washington, D.C.) calling for "Support To The Management Of The Instrument For Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC) In Ukraine (GPN)." Lines up nicely with the protests. Status closed, proposal due on 20 September, work starts January 1, 2014, duration 36 months:

Original herePDF appended if link broken.


And from September of last year, from the web portal of Ukrainian government :

Oleg Proskuryakov: Cooperation between Ukraine and NATO has significant prospects and a positive trend
26.09.2013 | 15:50 

Cooperation between Ukraine and NATO has significant prospects and a positive trend. It is important that it has applied nature and allows us to solve specific challenges facing Ukraine and NATO countries to provide integral security in Europe, which integral part is the environmental safety. This was started by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Oleg Proskuryakov on September 26 during a briefing, which was held at the Government House.
Minister Oleg Proskuryakov as an authorized Governmental official signed the Implementing Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and NATO Support Organisation on disposal of radioactive waste that resulted from military programmes of the former USSR on September 18, 2013 at NATO Headquarters.
"This project is unique for NATO as it is the first project in the history of Alliance, which covers radiation safety and is a perfect example of what should be a project in the context of new security challenges," the Minister said.
The tasks on bringing in an environmentally safe condition of storages of radioactive waste are:
- carrying out radiation measurements of these objects;
- an analysis of the impact on the environment;
- development of project documentation;
- reburial of radioactive waste at specialized state combine of "UkrDo" Radon ";
- decontamination of area of shelters.
Signing of Implementation agreement enabled Ukrainian state authorities:
- to solve the problem of storage and elimination of radioactive waste by the support of NATO;
- to create a legal basis for the implementation of measures of rehabilitation military areas where located radioactive waste, and re-disposal of radioactive waste from military programs in the performance of the former USSR;
- to eliminate the threat of proliferation of nuclear materials and to reduce their negative impact on the environment and safety for the public and transfer radioactive sources in trafficking;
- to improvement radiation safety, reduce social and psychological stress in regions which associated with the location of existing storage sites for radioactive waste.


From that same web portal comes this, very very recent, the virtual ink is virtually wet:

Address by Arsenii Yatseniuk at the extraordinary Ukraine-EU Summit, where political part of the Association Agreement was signed 
(link at;jsessionid=FA58F8A0BBD47A0275CF351BD334B531?art_id=247127622&cat_id=244851734)

A press release for the EU is very specific:

European Commission's support to Ukraine
European Commission - MEMO/14/159   05/03/2014
Brussels, 5 March 2014

Click to enlarge
Finally, Ukraine is the most important country for the EU for operations in the area of nuclear safety and security. Currently, projects are being implemented under the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation for a total amount of €50 million, in the field of nuclear waste management and social projects in the affected area around the Chernobyl exclusion zone. In addition, a further envelope of €36.5 million can be contracted in the very short term for actions in this field. The programming period for the new financial period is on-going, which will allow the EU efforts in this area to be further stepped up.
Read more

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