NRC "Intentionally Mischaracterized" Info To Conceal From Public, Say Whistleblowers

Relevant section begins with background info at 9:04, first mention of whistle blowers at 9:54.  But watch the whole thing and you will learn not only that the NRC knew in 1976 Mark 1 style containment vessels could leak -- even though they continue to assume in design and safety calculations that the probability of leakage is zero -- but you also may experience, as a bonus, the added satisfaction of  finding out that TepCo now quietly agrees that the explosion of Fukushima Unit 3 was a "detonation," even as they irrationally attribute it to hydrogen gas buildup in the basement.  Hydrogen is lighter than air.  Hydrogen explosions do not break the sound barrier: they are deflagrations, not detonations. Thanks to Fairewinds, and to their clear presentation of the relevant evidence, many suspect that only a detonation could be responsible for the damage to Unit 3. Prompt criticalities, even moderated ones, are detonations.