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Torture, Bush: Recent Statements by Condoleeza Rice Surprise... No One

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Lest we confuse justice with jurisprudence.  The Romans had the same word for both*; I think that's where the mixup started.  Speaking of which, here's a woman whose name, smartly displayed, no doubt makes all the other oil tankers** jealous***: Condoleeza Rice.


*ius, iura, among others:

from the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Roman Law [1953]

**from Wikipedia:

Because she would have been ineligible for tenure at Stanford if she had been absent for more than two years, she returned there in 1991. She was taken under the wing of George P. Shultz (Ronald Reagan's Secretary of State from 1982–1989), who was a fellow at the Hoover Institution. Shultz included Rice in a "luncheon club" of intellectuals who met every few weeks to discuss foreign affairs.[20] In 1992, Shultz, who was a board member of Chevron Corporation, recommended Rice for a spot on the Chevron board. Chevron was pursuing a $10 billion development project in Kazakhstan and, as a Soviet specialist, Rice knew the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. She traveled to Kazakhstan on Chevron's behalf and, in honor of her work, in 1993, Chevron named a 129,000-ton supertanker SS Condoleezza Rice.[20]Transamerica Corporation (1991) and Hewlett-Packard (1992). 

***and also, albeit perhaps putting the above on less stable footing, from the same article:

Rice headed Chevron's committee on public policy until she resigned on January 15, 2001, to become National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush. Chevron, for unspecified reasons, honored Rice by naming an oil tanker Condoleezza Rice after her, but controversy led to its being renamed Altair Voyager.[36]

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