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Orwell Is Surprised
At How Much Is Legal (Video)

Think you know about the state of surveillance today? You may be surprised to find you are still behind the times: watch "Naked Citizen," the video, below, to catch up.  As an added treat, in it is featured a certain Professor, who, keen on helping his cameras recognize and flag ordinary behavior, is notwithstanding hella surprised when he becomes the Person Of Interest.... 

Professor ..... what did you say your name was?  Professor...  Or-well.  Orwell? (To quote Bill Hicks, in his piece (or here in its entirety) about one of the policeman who was aquitted of all charges in the Rodney King incident --  Officer Coon Koon, "Is life too fucking funny or what?") this very interesting and highly educational video from Journeyman Pictures:

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