In Prison, Would-be Snitches Pay $$$ For Info: ALARMING IMPLICATIONS

Riley says: "Thank you for not snitching."
"Almost one out of every eight federal prisoners have had their sentences reduced for cooperation" notes the Southern District of Florida Blog.  "That's a huge number."  And yes, the graph on how that "breaks down" is interesting:


But once you get over the fact that it is overwhelmingly the upper-class criminals who are snitches, put that together with the fact that often they have no useable information.  They do, however, have money, and as the rather uncharacteristically interesting article originally posted in USA Today reports it, more and more often they make use of that money to buy their freedom.  They purchase -- for exorbitant sums -- snitch-worthy information from certain brokers into whose questionable ethics it is not within the scope of that article, nor this, to look.

They are not required to be too detailed about how they come by the information.  It appears as though verification may not be a requirement for reduction of sentence.  Which brings me to what I find is really interesting.

The felons with money are in prison for white collar crimes.  They have no information, and are purchasing it.  They are purchasing it, it appears from Mr. Heath's report, from people 'on the inside' with street connections.  Conclusions: 

• they are snitching on crimes with which they are unfamiliar;

• they are snitching on crimes for which snitching is less common;

• they are snitching on crimes for which information is available;

• they are snitching on blue-collar crimes.
From Mr. Heath's report, emphasis mine:

In early 2008, an Atlanta jail inmate facing mortgage fraud charges approached FBI agents with information about a drug trafficker who was dealing in tractor-trailer loads of marijuana and cocaine. Leon Lumsden was by then practiced at trying to use information to win a deal. At his sentencing hearing that July, so many federal agents showed up on his behalf that the judge gave him an even bigger sentence reduction than prosecutors had sought.

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Anonymous said...

This is called third-party cooperation and it is ridiculous. In Colombia, a load of drugs can be arranged to be purchased at wholesale prices and delivered to the DEA. The purchaser gets the third-party benefit and the traffickers get to sell a safe load. And what about the brokers? Are they acting on behalf of the government or not? I am surprised that 3rd party brokers don't start advertising. Or perhaps attorneys and PI's already do.

Anonymous said...

A local man I know of bought forgiveness twice for a felony War on blah crime. The price in todays money, $200,000 split between trial judge and defence. Yes, only for little people, the tax payer funded mancage. R. Olausen.

a female Faust said...

Anonymous 1 and 2 thank you for sharing your experiences. One gains insight from iteration in this case, that is, I do, because I was dumbfounded. Should have guessed. Almost as if I can sit around concocting corruption and never would I be original.

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