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Is It Me Or Does Anyone Else Think This Is Weird:
Not Only Is The Nurse Who Treated The 'Batman' Shooting Victims Dead Suddenly,
US Media Does Not Find This Fact Newsworthy

Bahia Santa Maria, Costa Rica

In fact, since, although my search brought up all of seven (in one version -- forty, in another) different entries, or 'hits," there were in fact actually only two distinctly different sources (both of them Irish). I'd say that makes the media silence international.

From Irish Central we learn that she had received recognition for her tireless work in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado incident less than one month ago.

Can we infer from this that she makes good decisions, with a body that does not physically give out in stressful situations? I think so.

Jennifer Gallagher-Pinson, 46, the Denver based Irish woman who cared for the Aurora Batman shooting victims in the aftermath of the horrific attack has drowned. She was a critical care emergency room nurse.
President Obama and his wife Michelle had earlier paid tribute to Jenny and to her hospital colleagues, who were credited with saving the lives of many injured in the senseless massacre.
But now her family has a tragedy of their own to contend with. Meath native Jenny was reportedly swimming in a lake near her home when she she got into difficulties and drowned
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But check this out (emphasis mine):

'Jenny was excited to be back playing football this year and was enjoying the Friday night games at Infinity Park and also played on the Denver Gaels ladies football team at the recent Irish festival, beating teams from San Francisco and Dallas to win the tournament. She so loved to be with the Ladies that were her team mates and so many who were her very close friends. Memories of trips with the Gaels whether it was for tournaments, camping in Moab, or surfing in Costa Rica would never have been so fond had Jenny not been there. We will always remember her wonderful smile, her loving and sharing nature.'

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So she was not only a nurse who did not crack under pressure, she was an experienced camper and surfer as well.  One would think this would make her a resourceful woman -- as well as one who knew how to swim, even after getting "into difficulties."

Costga Rica Surf, Image Search, not under copyright

To quote Mr. Corporanon, "If you know how to swim,  I don't really see what difficulties you can get into swimming alone in a lake.  Lets say that old adage is true, and you shouldn't go swimming after dinner.  So she eats, goes swimming, gets cramps.  You can float, you can dog paddle, tread water.  Act like its the ocean without any waves... You can yell for help.... Really odd.... Really odd.  Difficulties, huh."

What's the Moab, I asked him.  

"Utah.  Wilderness.  Look it up.  If I remember right, popular with mountain bikers."

Moab is a city in Grand County, in eastern Utah, in the western United States. ... Moab hosts a large number of tourists every year ...The town is a popular base for mountain bikers who ride the extensive network of trails including the famed Slickrock Trail, and off-roaders who come for the annual Moab Jeep Safari..... During the 1800s the area around what is now Moab served as the Colorado River crossing along the Old Spanish Trail.

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"She camped there?" I nod, encouragingly.  He was just hearing about this new weird-ass development in a story the ass of which was already most weird, what with such weird-ass details as: 
  • The seemingly different James Holmeses
  • The exceedingly well stocked collection of paramilitary gear.  
  • His not even knowing how to shoot a rifle 
  • The truly amazing bargains he must have run into 'on the internet,' to afford all that hardware and tech on a student budget
  • The efficiency with which he must have managed his schedule to leave himself the time to learn about all those explosives and military tech
  • The efficiency with which he must have managed his schedule in order to plan and booby-trap his apartment, having just learned it, without blowing himself up
  • then again I suppose your grades are  the first things to go when you become convinced that not only does "this town --" (and we won't quibble over the name of the town, that would be needlessly picking nits) "-- need an enema," but, despite your ability to rent and view Batman videos (videos that obviously do not feature you, or any of the people around and with whom you have ever spent time),  you also become equally convinced that it is in fact you from whom this town needs it.

, " -- and, still not having learned, his ability to shoot so well and for so long, and still almost escape.  Not to mention the rather advanced skill at setting incendiary mousetraps.  Not to mention how dazed he looks, but that doesn't count -- .  "She sounds like an outdoors person.  Really rugged.  Maybe she ran into a bear?  Ain't no bear going to go out on the water.  A croc?  No way.  Not out west."

Difficulties.  Like unexpected people maybe?  You know, from the government.  There to help her.

Maybe we could stand a few more details about the circumstances of this death, no?  

That is, if everyone wants to avoid looking, shall we say, "shady."

Be seeing you.

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  1. She was killed. Probably learned too much. After all, the whole Holmes story makes no sense, and how much more obvious can it get that it was a government set-up?

    Can't wait until it's over. We need a new system. Ought to start a 'recall everyone' and fire the whole government.