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Fifteen Facts That The Main Stream Media Will (Probably*) Never Tell You | Lee Camp

May I present the indefagitable Lee Camp.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Camp, become so; mastery of the Camp's oevre and ability to simulate his personality-profile (along with Carlin's and Hicks') in response to post-modern pre-apocalyptic cultural hegemony is prerequisite to most all upper level work at the University.  

Standard coursework: the "Moment of Clarity" series.

All this is stated clearly in your Orientation Booklet.  You did get one, did you not?

*...if they ever do, take it for a sign of the End Times (on the metaphorical level of your choice or predilection).

(Sure hope that the wit and charm of these mere words, through which of course Truth may clearly be seen, gets me somewhere, or rather, gets me somewhere 'cool.)

Be seeing you.

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