Johanna Faust, a mixed race Jew, prefers to publish pseudonymously. She is committed: to preventing war, ecological disaster, and nuclear apocalypse; to keeping information available and free; and to not only fighting for personal privacy, but, by representing herself as a soldier in that fight, to exhorting others to do the same. All these efforts find representation on her blog "ah, Mephistophelis," so named after the last line of Chirstopher Marlowe's in his famous Dr. Faustus, which, as some would have it, successfully flouted the censor for a time. A female Faust, she is a poet, always.

TepCo & TBS/JNN Webcams
Unbreakable Links

(I hope).

You can see the code at work at the bottom of the page.

Get the code at Pastebin.

I iframed the tbs and tepco home pages, positioning the iframe so that it was just over the video. When they change addresses like they are wont to do -- the source will change as well -- hopefully.

In honor of those who, tireless, are too busy bringing us news from Japan, and shouldn't have to search so often to find this link, notably,,,,,, MsMilkytheClown, and

Be seeing you.

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