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Chaotic Evil Cop Unlawfully Detains, Threatens, & Tries to Entrap Lawful Good Trekker
(A Real Life Morality Play)

This post is dedicated to the Gentle Readers, howsoever many there may be, that by it they may chance to APPREHEND what is at this late date most URGENT:  

CITIZENS, no matter how 'little' you think this applies to your circumstances, take heed:  THE POLICE ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND, THEY DO NOT SERVE YOU,  THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT 'TRUTH' OR 'JUSTICE' OR 'FAIRNESS' OR 'THE LAW.'  

The Roman Empire, after which so much of our society has been patterned (without regard for efficacy) confounded matters similarly.  One word in Latin (ius, pl. iuris) translates to both 'justice' and 'lawfulness.'  It is far too easy to confuse the concepts, even after witnessing hours and hours of egregious violations of human rights, state and federal laws, and common decency.  

Do not make this mistake.   

May I present the following, in my own effort to protect and serve, the following links and videos:

From Illinois Traffic Stop Of Star Trek Fans Raises Concerns About Drug Searches, Police Dogs, Bad Cops:

... As they passed through a small town in Illinois, a police officer, Michael Reichert, pulled Huff's red PT Cruiser over to the side of the road, allegedly for an unsafe lane change. Over the next hour, Reichert interrogated the two men, employing a variety of police tactics civil rights attorneys say were aimed at tricking them into giving up their Fourth Amendment rights. Reichert conducted a sweep of Huff's car with a K-9 dog, then searched Huff's car by hand. Ultimately, he sent Huff and Seaton on their way with a warning.
Earlier this month, Huff posted to YouTube audio and video footage of the stop taken from Reichert's dashboard camera. No shots were fired in the incident. No one was beaten, arrested or even handcuffed. Reichert found no measurable amount of contraband in Huff's car. But Huff's 17-and-a-half minute video raises important questions about law enforcement and the criminal justice system, including the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, the drug war, profiling and why it's so difficult to take problematic cops out of the police force...
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The video below was put together by one Terrance Huff, filmmaker Terrance Huff a fan who was, with his friend Jon Seaton, on his way back from a StarTrek convention in St. Louis just before New Year's, 2012. (Happy belated birthday, Terrence!)

He is a case in point that even someone who understands the situation and thinks well and quickly on their feet might still find themselves ensnared in, at the very least, a time- and money- trap. Do not mistake me: Terrence did as well as anyone can be expected to, who doesn't go into the fray prepared.  Most Americans would benefit from knowing a few choice, details about the way the police operate.  

From the Youtube 'liner notes': Use FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to get POLICE VIDEOS. On December 4th 2011, StarTrek fans Terrance Huff and Jon Seaton are stopped illegally after a StarTrek Exhibition for suspected drug transportation in Collinsville, Illinois. Award winning filmmaker Terrance Huff does a breakdown of an illegal traffic stop and subsequent search involving a K9 Officer who has a questionable past. The dog search begins 9:50 and is followed by evidentiary video.

and, while we are at it, never ever ever ever ever talk to cops (unless they tell you to): 

Be safe, &
be seeing you.

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