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Something Rotten in the State of Iowa

As seen from a foreign perspective (funny how these details often surface in like manner),  this just in from :

OT: GOP Iowa Caucus Is 3-Way Dead Heat

(UPDATE: It looks MSMs and TPTB did their job. Iowa is a virtual tie between Santorum (Santorum?) and Romney. Paul 3rd. Let's see if they still say Iowa doesn't matter.)


among Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, 23% each with 22% reporting. (CNN)

... the last poll before the election showed Rick Santorum in 2nd, way ahead of Ron Paul when in fact it was the other way round.
From Economic Policy Journal (1/3/2012):
HOT: "Error" on Poll Results Put Santorum Ahead of Ron Paul

Run Ron Paul reports:

With just days remaining until the all-important Republican Iowa caucuses, a left-leaning political newspaper based near the nation’s capital made a critical error in reporting the results of the final Des Moines Register opinion poll before voters gather Tuesday.

On Saturday evening Politico incorrectly reported that the poll showed former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum “climbing to second [place] at 21 percent and Ron Paul in third, with 18 percent.” In fact, Paul took second place with 22 percent of the vote. Santorum was third with 15 percent.
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Evidence of funny business, if you ask me.

More like criminal activity.

I wish I was surprised.

Be seeing you.


  1. Agree, more "evidence of funny business". Some of the other circumstantial evidence includes:

    The media touted Sanitorum's surge in the days before the election, which made me suspect they were gaming it. There were multiple references to it including on the now-worthless "public" television, made without reference to a specific poll.

    The Iowa GOP openly stated Paul could not be allowed to win. Fraud controls that the GOP has advocated for were not used, allowing fraud to take place at the least detectible level.

    Polls claimed that what GOP voters most cared abut was electing a candidate who could beat Obama. Santorum fits that bill? Also, independents and democrats could vote, and they would not likely vote for Santorum.

    Santorum was instrumental in the Abramoff-Delay-Reed politicalization of churches, but I find it a stretch to think congregations so naive as to stage an insurgency for Santorum in the last days. Possible, but I'd like to hear from regular folks on their perspective. His rise was nothing short of meteoric and I'm not convinced.

  2. The same people that did 911 are the same people counting the votes. A violent revolution is inevitable.

  3. get real, if it looks like some guy just lucked out and got high numbers in the last minutes of the vote then it was rigged.....nothing new, same old game, just look and see who is counting the votes, then think why the net isnt carring a break down of how the votes came in....we been robbed, again.

  4. Sure, Iowa caucus count was fraud. The manipulation of the American vote has
    been going on for a long time, hence, boyBush
    did not really win the vote for president
    either time. Wish RP would become a little
    more confrontational. Who the Hell is Sanatorium?
    Just appears out of no where. Bull!

  5. Ah, anony 9:52, Santorum didn't appear from nowhere. He's the same vintage as Newt, was part of the Republican Revolution. One of his more illustrious achievements from that era was being part of the K Street Project, which was a bullying operation to make lobbyists commit 100% to the GOP instead of splitting their contributions, thus hedging their bets.

    More recently - before getting the boot - Santorum claims authorship of the Iran Freedom Support Act, a major accomplishment in slow-footing us into another war we can't possibly afford, financially or morally.

    He's a real piece of work linked (haha, love that word) to Jack Abramoff and had supporters like Blackwater. Don't let the cherubic face fool you.

  6. Anyone seed the ballots and raw vote counts yet? ANYONE? Hello?

  7. The plot to make Ron Paul invisible is becoming more preposterous by the day. Teevee makes a big deal out of the 8 vote squeaker - I believe to give them a seamless way to report the "upset", but then gets caught in their own tangled web. EIGHT VOTES? Anyone want a recount? Anyone curious when someone claims a 20 vote error and no one cares? Too funny. Let's all move on and keep looking forward.

    Hahahaha. 2012 is going to be hilarious if these bastards don't get us all killed.