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The Protests Will Continue Until The Cops Improve

The harassment, harsh tactics, batch arrests, over-high bail amounts, specious charges, and injuries in the past month have gotten so bad that #OccupyOakland has decided to protest weekly until "the bullshit stops." This is the first one, as far as I am aware, and already the helicopters are buzzing overhead, and the Storm-Troopers-in-Black are deploying.

The helicopters were buzzing loudly in the sky again -- actually, this time only one.  Last time the helicopters didn't even start until there was Riot Cop Deployment.  They must be running out of money.  That would surely be one of the objectives.

Here is the stream -- click through for the archive.  Also see the twitter feed for #Occupy Oakland (hashtag #oo) to your right.

Live stream from Anon Medics on Ustream

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The protests will continue until police improve.

Be seeing you.

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