Another London Riot Video Archive

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I will attempt to archive personally, as should we all , if there be space and time.

Source of this collection: .  They have a good timeline.

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Have any of you this video?

4 min - 7 hours ago - Uploaded by vasu2neha & In London, groups of young people rampaged ... Standard YouTube License. 1 likes, 0 ...

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Video: London Insurrection || Faust's Favorite

 Listen to the wise old man. Unemployment is rampant especially among the young. Skyrocketing inflation pressuring the population, especially the poor and middle class. The police are acting not as public servants but bullies and tyrants and enemies of freedom and liberty. Many people have reached a breaking point. The unrest is not the disease but the symptom of the disease. Wait...This too is coming to America because the same problems exist and the people are losing patients with their politicians that seem to be working for others. Brace yourselves...A storm approaches quickly. America is next.

Uploaded by NewAmericaNow on Aug 9, 2011, anniversary of Nagasaki.  Thank you, my good man; you have an excellent eye.  

With eyes wet;

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