Fukushima Official NEEDS Assistance NOW To Resign


This is really serious.  This situation is very bad but a little of our time and our attention could make all the difference.  Scroll down for email links; check back for updates. Please post any additional ideas as comments, below.

Watch: you are not going to believe that he is still working...

As Uploaded by sievert311 on Jul 2, 2011:

Please send email to Fukushima to protect Children in Fukushima.

He later corrected his word about "100 micro sievert per hour". He told that he meant "10 micro sievert per hour", however what he said after 100 micro sievert is " It's obvious that whether if you can stay outside or not under 5, 10 or 20 sievert per hour." His correction does not make any sense at all.

Now, children in Fukushima has geiger counter whenever they go. City it self looks just like huge human experimentation facility.
Yamashita must be trying to become Japanese version of "Josef Mengele"

World Shocking Japanese Temporary Standard level

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3/21 Fukushima City
5/3 Nihonmatsu City

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