And Now A Few Words From Our Nietzsche

A Few Words

from A Wise Philosopher 

Whose Friendship Enabled 
My Survival Past Adolescence 
In This Ugly World

In Pretty Image Formats
For the Pleasure of My Gentle Readers,
Fit Audience, Though Few, That They Be.

♫ I'm Be-yond Good and Eee-vil;♩♪
♫Streng-thened by [all-which-does-not] make me die;♬
♪All-too --
♫  or is it more-than -- hu-man -- am ; 
O-pi-ning on the 4th of July ♬

(to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy)

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  • Fate

  • Be seeing you.

    Ocean Report with Gestures
    "For the hard of understanding" | FKN NWZ

    The Man With His Fist In The Air has done it again!

    This one hurt.  Physically.  My sides were sore all the next day...

    Here is the original full length video:

    Be seeing you.

    Radiation Levels Falling (lets hope they stay that way)

    From The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization:

    well not so much in Japan. Or Alaska.  If they are lying...  hope they are not.  Hopefully too much data to fudge.  

    God bless us all. 

    and ... so as long as TepCo has no more surprises for us, maybe some of us can start to drink milk, eat kale and strawberries, and play in the rain soon?

    Be seeing you.