M.W.K.P.A. | "Epitaph," by King Crimson

Listen, courtesy of Youtube:

To My Gentle Readers:

be you in the bronx, or santa cruz, uniontown, or richland, woodland park, 
the netherlands, calgary, laytonville, ann arbor, kennewick, 
gulf breeze, baden, vancouver, banská bystrica, columbus, pleasanton, tokyo...

  i want to say thank you to those of you who check back. 

 i dedicate this installment of Music What Kicketh Political Ass to you, audience 
fit though few, from this poet and nascent blogger, 
from this scholar and ceremonialist, 
from this little girl from the bronx 
(hey bronx! say hello to Poe's house, 
eat some pizza, ride the  Lexington Ave Express for me, wouldya?)

Let's hope we all make it.

Be seeing you.

NASA Special Preparedness Alert:
Beware 'Attacks Like 9/11,'
Days Before FEMA Nuke Drill

Oh no.

Updates to follow: I know of further indications than the copious ones cited below.

No offense (and a hat tip) to SHTFPlan.com. who I am hoping is wrong. Although it would be unlike them to scaremonger, by my experience. Nonetheless I am hoping this turns out to be much false flag ado about nothing.  Please. Thank you , everyone visualizing with me.

Be seeing you.