You Ought To Be Mad As Hell! (or, Look Here)

Reminds me of that excellent English translation of that revolutionary French book, Indignez something.  Now where did I put that?

Google Starts Speak2Tweet for "Egyptians on the Ground"

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UPDATE from Egypt NOT via MSM

Repost widely. From A. Peasant's post at Twelfth Bough.

1. The police are using snipers and shooting live ammunition at the protesters.
2. The army is not protecting the people. Egyptians do not want the army.
3. The MB is not leading the opposition. Egyptians do not want the MB.
4. The situation in Suez is particularly violent, no doubt due to the STRATEGIC LOCATION.
5. There is no love for Obama or El Baradai. Egyptians do not want El Baradai.
6. Egyptians don't want Suleiman either.

Read more here.

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Oakland Elementary School Evacuated After Caller Reports 'Man With Rifle'

by Johanna Faust.

Oakland police have partnered with multiple agencies to evacuate an Oakland elementary school after a receiving a tip that a man with a rifle had entered one of the "portable classrooms" on the campus. 

The caller, using the non-emergency number, reported the sighting at about 12:45 p.m..  Corroborative evidence has not yet surfaced.

A police helicopter, borrowed for the occasion, hovered loudly over downtown Oakland for most of the afternoon.  Officers with weapons drawn stood at the ready near the classrooms as kids were led from the school, located at 1100 Third Avenue (at 12th Street) -- close to Laney College.

No student or teacher has been reported hurt or missing as of 3:15 Monday afternoon (January 31) when the last of the evacuees were leaving.  The alleged gunman has not yet been found; SWAT teams were waiting for full evacuation to thoroughly search the school.


A summary of available newsitems, with a hat tip to Sean Maher.

Written to explain the loud helicopter sounding its fascist mating call all afternoon

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