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Police "Plan" for 2nd #OccupyOakland Eviction Leaked

If by leaked, you mean, left strewn carelessly about the Coliseum.  Not sure, but I think that means that these were discarded directly after being read, and directly before the final staging.

This just in from Indybay:

OccOak - OPDs Operational Plans-Eviction 2 : Indybay 
by Sat Dec 24 16:26:26 PST 2011

OPD's Operational Plans for Occupy Oakland - November 14, 2011 eviction documents
Wellll lookee... OPD left their operational plans all over the coliseum when they marshaled up for the second eviction of Oakland. 

(link and documents below)

Sure makes for an interesting read.  Very. 

Updates as I figure or find them out....

Full document at end.

Update  #1

As far as 'surgical arrests' go : OPD assigned its most violent cops -- repeat violators -- to be in charge of crowd control, including weapons of less-than destruction.

It is my understanding that, researching the following article,  Ali Winston petitioned for documents 

similar to those below 
(marked "Classified - For Law Enforcement Use Only") under the Freedom Of Information Act.  

OPD Used Violent Cops Against Occupy 

Records reveal that the department put officers with histories of using deadly force 
on the frontlines during Occupy Oakland protests.

By Ali Winston

On the morning of November 3, following the massive general strike in Oakland, police shot Occupy protester Scott Campbell with a beanbag round that left an ugly welt on his thigh. Campbell's only apparent offense was that he had decided to video-record a line of riot police at the north entrance of Frank Ogawa Plaza. Last week, news reports revealed that Oakland police had put two cops on administrative leave and were investigating their roles in the apparent unjustified shooting of Campbell. But the Campbell incident was by no means isolated.
Documents recently released by OPD, coupled with news reports of the Campbell shooting, indicate that the department appears to have systematically assigned cops with histories of using deadly force to deal with Occupy Oakland protests.

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- including who would be targeted (it is advised the most active activists should be taken out first), when, where, why and how.

Personnel rosters for the deployments on the two most violent confrontations between police and Occupy protesters — October 25 and on the evening of November 2 and the early morning of November 3 — show that Garcia was assigned to one of five so-called "Tango Teams," the radio code for OPD's tactical squads of five officers and one sergeant each, which were armed with shotgun-fired less-than-lethal rounds, tear gas, and flash-bang grenades. Among the officers assigned to those squads were five cops named as defendants in the 2003 civil suit filed after OPD fired wooden dowels and birdshot-filled beanbags at anti-war demonstrators during a protest at the Port of Oakland.

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    1. These documents were allowed to be seen because, what does it matter if they are seen?

      The Occupy protesters aren't going to use this knowledge. They'll simply throw themselves into the meat grinder, as always.

      If this were an actual battle, seeing the enemy's tactics would result in a huge loss. But it isn't a "battle". It's a beating. It's the police acting with impunity. Because what's Occupy going to do? Upload another video on YouTube?

      The police allowed these documents to get out, to be a thumb in the eye to Occupy. A big F you from the police. "We're gonna stomp you, this is HOW we're gonna stomp you, and we both know you aren't gonna stop us."

    2. On one level the degree of intentional thuggery is shocking, but then again not really. Let us be honest, we are living in a time of Orwellian deceit. The one thing autocrats do not like is uppity serfs who actually think that the rights guaranteed and protected by the US Constitution still have meaning. Welllllll exscuuuuuuuuse me. Despite the sociopathic ramblings of Bush the Lesser and the current Usurper in chief they do still have meaning, and thuggery such as at Oakland and elsewhere demonstrates that the group most feared by those who would own us is "We The People".

      In the words of the late Robert A. Heinlein:

      "You cannot conquer a free man, the most you can do is kill him."

      Oh, and I don't think that the documents were left around intentionally - they are not bright enough to think of that. Thugs, almost by definition, are generally at best a dull normal IQ - it goes with the territory. Police departments have been caught intentionally rejecting applicants with too high of an IQ. I suspect that is likely because they are perceptive enough to see through the fog and understand the psychological manipulations being imposed with the intentional thuggery - to cow and enforce submission. To create and sow apathy and plant the perception that resistance to tyranny is a futile act.

    3. Red says: The documents seem to contradict themselves - conflating "camping" with "protest", favoring "health and safety" over vastly more important legal "rights" "guaranteed" by the Constitution. However this contradiction evaporates upon analysis, as the documents frankly spell-out a police conspiracy to violate these rights - evident when they make it plain that everyone is to be removed, not simply "campers".

    4. this isn't as huge a leak as we think. much of this is already online on the city of oakland's website. however, this is an unredacted version that is posted here. there are a few sections that have been modified and redacted on the city's website (staging areas and communications channels - blacked out)

      just to let you know, there should be one or two more pages here. something about media, i think.


    5. I am really not saying this to be mean in any way, but this page is extremely hard to look at. I think the info you are offering is solid but the giant font and garrish, clashing colors offend my eyes a bit. Seriously, just trying to constructively criticize not be a jerk.

    6. anonymous on xmas: thank you. it does need some attending to -- thought that was only my browser --- sheesh!! thanks all who stuck with me --